Sunday, June 28, 2015

The "Gay Marriage" Decision and the Reaction in the Archdiocese of Washington DC

The news of gay marriage came as I was attending to some private business, for which my focus needed to be on.  After that, I did not have much access to the internet (which at times is a blessing).

I read Cardinal Wuerl's statement, and like most of his statements, it is quite disappointing.  I really have not come to expect much from him.  He always looks to avoid any conflict and any sort of controversy.  I am so disappointed, that I will not even link to it. 

However, what did catch my attention were the comments on health benefits to those who work for the Archdiocese.  If you did not catch what he was saying, it was:  We will give health benefits to gay "spouses."   So, once again, he has capitulated.

However, Msgr. Pope's column title in the National Catholic Register really sums it up:  Things Are Going to Get Very Tough, Very Quickly for the Church and her Allies.  

You can read it here:



Sunday, June 21, 2015

Pope Francis: STAY IN ROME

I have decided, because of the Pope's latest Encyclical, to begin a campaign urging him to STAY IN ROME and not come to us US in September.  If he is such a believer in climate change, and that humans are to blame, then I urge him to "walk the walk, don't just talk the talk" and not come to the US and STAY IN ROME.

If you are like minded, then take up the cause, which I will promote here each and every day!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Commanded by Pope Pius XII to renew our consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on the Feast of her Queenship, all those attending are encouraged to start or renew their consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The 33 day preparation will begin July 20, ending August 22 at the Marian event where all will recite the Act of Consecration prayer together. 

The August 22, 2015 Feast of the Queenship of Mary will take place at St. Joseph Church, 4590 Josephs Way, Pomfret, MD 20675 from 8:00am to 4:30pm. 

The event is free but registration is recommended by sending the name(s) of attendee(s) and cell # via email to:

Speakers: Rev. Daniel Leary, Rev. Martin Flum, Rev. Alain Colliou, Ref. Harry Stokes, Guest Speaker: Mr. Anthony Mullen.

For more information, please contact May Oteyza (

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Quick Thought on Laudato si': Set the Example, Help Save the Planet and Don't Travel to the US in September.

If the Pope is as concerned about environmental damage due to coal, oil, etc., used in transportation, buildings, etc., then I would like to make the following plea to Pope Francis:

Please do not travel to the US in September and stay in Rome.

Do you realize how much oil will be used to transport you, your aides, journalists, etc. from Europe to the US?

Do you realize how much energy and resources will be wasted to set up the various events that you will attend?

Do you realize how much energy and resources will be wasted with millions attempting to see and hear you?

How much energy has been spent working on your visit to date?

Pope Francis, please set the example on how one should help save the plant.  Do not travel to the US in September.  Stay in Rome. 

Show the world that you know how to lead the way.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What the Heck is the Pope Thinking?

Why is she one of the presenters?  Someone who goes against Catholic teaching?   I know that God gives us the Pope we deserve, but have we been that bad that we must be punished with this type of thing?  I mean, why not someone from New Ways Ministry?  
Makes you almost want to leave the Church.

The Holy See Press Office has announced that Carolyn Woo, president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, will be among the four presenters at the releases of Pope Francis’s second encyclical, Laudato Si.
The press office previously announced the names of three presenters: Cardinal Peter Turkson, the president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace; Orthodox Archbishop John Zizioulas of Pergamon, who will represent the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople; and Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and chairman of the German Advisory Council on Global Change.

H/T to Deacon Greg:

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Is Fr. Rosensteel Council hosting Gay Birthday Party in August? (Update)

Today's Washington Post has an article entitled:  "Company declines to provide a DJ for a gay man's party."   In this (and I will have more on this in another posting, as I have seen his whining, hypocritical email), talks about a birthday party hosted by a gay couple for another gay man, and how the DJ company said that they would not handle the event.  Note that the birthday boy, was the "former partner" of the of the person mentioned below.

In the article, it stated that the party is to be held at the local Knights of Columbus hall.  It seems that the only KofC hall, in the area where the gay couple lives, is the Fr. Rosensteel Council.

Now, we would not have known any of this, had it not been that Tom Tsakounis (46) of Silver Spring, had not talked about this with The Washington Post.  

So:  Is Fr. Rosensteel Council hosting a birthday party for a gay person, sponsored by a gay couple? 

They probably did not know about it, when it was booked, but now that they know, what is their answer?

Update - June 16, 2015

As mentioned to you earlier, I do have a copy of the email. (Thank you Melvin for it.) Unfortunately, the Washington comPost article does not mention some key points.  So here are my thoughts...

  • The author's last name is never revealed in the email. So, we only know that he lives in the South Four Corner area of MoCo.
  • The author never mentioned where the party was to be held.
  • The author states that he "appreciates that we live in country that is filled with diversity and I will fight to the death to preserve and defend each person's right to believe what they want to believe and defend their faith in whatever way they deem appropriate."  Now, if this is the case, why are you so upset when they do not want to do a party that would go against their belief system?   Should you not respect them? 
  • The author then tells everyone that if you do not support same sex marriage or the LGBTQ community, you might not want to continue reading.  Why?  You made composed this huge email and then tell people who do not support your sexual orientation not to read any further.  Why?
  • He continues by telling everyone that "hate is alive and well in" MoCo.  So, so someone who disagrees with you and whom you promised to fight to the death for, suddenly is hate filled?  That seems pretty hypocritical to me.
  • The author then goes into the story and relates that he received a couple of DJ names and numbers from the South Four Corner listserv.  His sister agreed to help and as the comPost correctly states, contacted the DJ in question.   Now, here is the interesting part:  When the sister learned that as a Christian business that they were "not comfortable with providing service to a party like this.  My sister told him she was no longer interested in using their business." 
  • There was nothing in the author's email stating that email that said that the DJ representative was rude, yelling, cursing, making any gay slurs, etc.  And, more importantly, you (or at least your sister) ultimately stated that she did not want to do business with them.  That was your call. 

Also, if you know that the KofC is a Catholic organization, why did you book the party there?   Was it to embarrass the KofC - a Catholic organization?  Did you do it because you know their stance on gay marriage and homosexual behavior and thought that it might make for a good laugh with your buddies?  

Personally, I believe that Tom Tsakounis is:
  • playing the "victim" and loving all of the attention that it gets him
  • a hypocrite
  • a BULLY.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Going to Mass in the Summer....

After attending Sunday Mass in Florida not too long ago I came across the following admonition in the Sunday bulletin: “Please come to Mass early enough not to disrupt. Leave late enough not to insult. (The Mass does not end until the final blessing). Worship reverently enough not to distract. And dress proudly enough not to offend.”

Take from Fr. Z's Blog:

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

FOR SHAME "Catholic" Health Assn and Sr. Keehan!

The Catholic alliance that defied the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishop a in supporting Barack Obama’s controversial overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system is persisting in its close relationship with the president, giving him a venue to further endorse ObamaCare at its annual meeting. 

Obama will “focus on the future of health care and the Affordable Care Act,” when he delivers the “Future of Healthcare Address” June 9, closing the Catholic Health Association’s (CHA) annual membership meeting and marking the organization’s 100 anniversary. 

It is time to let Sr. Keehan know that this is UNACCEPTANBLE! 

Sister Carol Keehan: 

Board of Trustees Staff Contact 
Candice T. Hall: 
1875 Eye Street NW, Suite 1000 Washington, DC 20006 
PH: (202) 296-3993 
FX: (202) 296-3997

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Design for the Papal Altar Revealed Today!

The first-place design features arches that mimic the architecture of the Romanesque-Byzantine style Basilica. The chair designed for the Pope features a simple high arch “designed to bring focus not on itself, but on the Vicar of Christ himself who will preach from it,” the team stated in their concept. Members of the winning design team include architecture students Ariadne Cerritelli (Bethesda, Md.), Matthew Hoffman (Pittsburgh), and Joseph Taylor (Eldersburg, Md.)

For more, and an image of the design, go to: