Wednesday, March 30, 2011


When bishops and priests are hesitant in exercising their authority, the “father of lies” takes hold of the hearts and minds of the faithful, Bishop Samuel J. Aquila of Fargo warned recently.

“One must honestly ask, how many times and years may a Catholic politician vote for the so called ‘right to abortion’ … and still be able to receive Holy Communion?” the bishop said.
The continual reception of Communion by those who “so visibly contradict and promote a grave evil” creates “grave scandal” and undermines the teaching and governing authority of the Church, he warned. The faithful can interpret these actions as indifference to the teaching of Christ and the Church on the part of those who have “the responsibility to govern.

Is anyone in Hyattsville listening? Does anyone over there care?

To read the full story, go Catholic News Agency.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pro-Life Center vs. Pro-Abortion in Germantown

From LifeSite News: Pro-life groups have rented an office space directly across the parking lot from LeRoy Carhart’s new late-term abortion business in Germantown, Md. Operation Rescue and the Maryland Coalition for Life announced today that the office will act as a resource and referral center for vulnerable and needy pregnant and post-abortive women, and will be used as a place of prayer for pro-life supporters. For the full story, go here.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Catholics for Equality -- Not explaining the numbers

Now there are those of you who say I should ignore this group but it is always good to see what the "enemy" is saying. Recently, they put out a press release stating that 63% of all Catholics believe in "same-gender civil marriage." Now on the face it, you would go "wow." But, when you look at the press release, it does not ask if those questioned are "practicing Catholics" (regular Mass goers, etc.), "Christimas/Easter Catholics" or those who are baptised but not practicing Catholics. I would bet that when you get down to it, the numbers are really of those who are mostly the "Christmas/Easter" and "Baptised but not practicing" Catholics.

Friday, March 25, 2011

How stupid is VP Joe Biden

I have documented the Stupid Stuff said by VP Joe Biden, a Catholyc, who holds the second highest elected office in the US.

However, his comparison of cutting the budget to rape apologists, is simply disgusting.

Where are the all of the "progressive" catholycs? Where are all of the radical feminists?

The silence is amazing.

The man is a TOTAL IDIOT!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What a difference a Leftist President Makes!

With the war in Irag and Afghanistan, the photos of the Army "Kill Team" with the bodies of civilians and the military action in Libya, I was thinking (and that can be dangerous): Where is the Catholic Left?

Remember, just a few years ago, the Social Justice/Catholic Left crowd were writing letters to the editors, calling for the impeachment of President Bush, taking out full page ads, staging protests in front of the White House (remember Fr. Nangle), getting arrested, and keeping it in everybody's face.

So, my question to all of you are: Where the hell are you today?

All I hear is the sound of crickets.

Have you checked out the Pax Christi website? Nothing on Libya or Iraq. How about the Franciscan Peace Network? Not much on the war. Catholics United? Nope, nothing. NETWORK? A little on Afghanistan.

It seems that they are too busy worrying about illegal aliens, OBAMACARE and union thugs in Wisconsin. (Don't seem to see them condeming the death threats against the Republican state senators or the Governor, do we????)

What a difference a leftist president makes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Take a Stand & Vote for SB 505/HB 23

The pro-abortion side keeps talking about keeping abortion safe and legal. Just like they did in Pennsylvania with Philadelphia doctor Kermit Gosnell.

Well, here is the time for them to put up or shut up!

From the Maryland Catholic Conference:

Both the State Senate and the House of Delegates held very successful committee hearings on legislation to close the loophole for abortion clinics and regulate them as ambulatory surgical facilities. Dozens of witnesses presented details of how numerous women have been seriously injured or killed in Maryland abortion clinics, and those same witnesses presented evidence of how ambulatory surgical facility regulations would have prevented those injuries and deaths. Ms. Stephanie White gave moving testimony about how her daughter, Denise, died from an overdose of anesthesia at an Anne Arundel County abortion clinic.

One week has passed since the House committee hearing and three weeks have passed since the Senate committee hearing. Yet, no action has been taken. Please ask your senator and delegates to urge their colleagues on the Senate Finance Committee and the House Health & Government Operations Committee to support SB 505/HB 23. Action must be taken this year by the General Assembly to stop these preventable deaths and injuries.

This bill would ensure that abortion clinics actually have safety protocols in place so that they are prepared to handle situations when something goes wrong.

Contact your State Senator and Rep NOW!

Click here to contact them.

PS: Where are those good Catholyc Maryland politicians like: Gov. Martin O'Malley (Ganzaga boy and tells us he goes to Mass each day); Del. Robert Garagiola (D-Montgomery); House Speaker Michael E. Busch (D-Anne Arundel); and, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr.

Pelosi: We can't afford to defend DOMA

Yes, once again, we bring you another enlightened view from none other than Nancy Pelosi, that great Catholyc theologian.

It seems that Rep. Pelosi is suddenly worried about the cost of defending DOMA, although she did not seem worried about how much her airline and booze costs were when she was Speaker of the House.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Second Collection to be taken up for Japan

It was announced that a second collection will take place next weekend in our parishes to assist with the recovery efforts in Japan.

The press release on the 18th indicated that a second collection could take place on the 19th/20th but I don't believe most parishes had time to coordinate this.

Monday, March 21, 2011

These thoughts weigh heavy on me...

As some of you may know, Fr. Corapi has been placed on administrative leave. For those of you who have never heard him preach (either live or via the web/CD/etc.) are missing a very powerful preacher. He tells it like it is.

Gerard Nadal (a great writer himself) says:

If denial of due process and the presumption of innocence are the new norm for our bishops, if the mere accusation of sin merits headline coverage, then our leadership has lost its way. Badly. The stress of such humiliation could well cause a relapse of the cancer and cost Father Corapi his life.

Innocent or guilty, the minimum standard of due process and the presumption of innocence ought to apply to our priests, as they do for the rest of us. That increasingly they do not is a sin greater than a priest’s dalliance. Our priests sacrifice marriage, family, career, etc for us. It’s about time the laity demand justice for the accused. If we don’t, we deserve empty seminaries.

My prayers for the restoration of Father Corapi and his good name, and for the intentions of the woman who has brought these allegations forward.

You can read the rest of his thoughts here.

I think of these comments because I know of a priest in basically the same situation. A good friend.

His archdiocese has placed him on leave. After all this time, there is no civil case against him (nor planned, as far as we can tell). After all this time, there is no criminal case against him (nor planned, as far as we can tell, by the local and state authorities.). He has not been accused of anything sexual. He has not been accused of any financial issues. No drug or alcohol abuse. Nothing. Just an accusation. But his name has been dragged through the mud by the media, by SNAP, Bishop's Accountability and other organizations.

Oh, I pray that this madness will stop.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Give them abortions, birth control but no tanning salons..

We can give minors abortions and give them birth control devices, but heaven forbid we give them access to tanning salons because they may get skin cancer. Maybe they should arrest people show don't use a SPF30 in Ocean City.

Some of our Maryland lawmakers are such idiots!

Have a good weekend folks and remember not to give to the Cardinal's Appeal.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's great about your Parish?

Tell us what is great about your parish, here in the Archdiocese of Washington.

Give us the parish name and what it is. Maybe it is the pro-life committee, or the Lectors, the Asst. Pastor, etc.

I will pop in to the account at least three or four times and publish what you have written.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Ways Ministry - Spreading More Mis-Information

The U.S. bishops have said that a new booklet advocating “marriage equality” for same-sex couples by a self-identified Catholic group strongly contradicts Church teaching.

In “no manner is this organization authorized to speak on behalf of the Catholic Church,” Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. said March 11, The cardinal was specifically referring to a new pamphlet released by the controversial New Ways Ministry – an organization that claims Catholic support for homosexual “marriage.”

The booklet titled “Marriage Equality: a positive Catholic approach” was authored and released this month by New Ways Ministry’s executive director Francis DeBernardo.

For the rest of the story, go to Catholic News Agency

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More on SB166...

A reader sent me a link to an article on how the gay community was to overcome opposition to this. Note that Del. Heather Mizeur (D-MoCo) is a 'catholyc" who attends St. Al's parish in downtown DC. I have written about her before.

Del. Heather Mizeur (D-Montgomery County), one of the House’s five lesbian members, said concern over possible erosion of support among delegates prompted supporters to scrap an earlier strategy calling for bringing the bill up for a vote at the very end of the House of Delegates session in April.

Doing that would shorten the time opponents have for gathering petition signatures needed to place the bill before voters in a referendum, making it more difficult to pull off a referendum.

Under Maryland’s referendum law, the clock begins for obtaining petitions when a bill is passed by both houses and the governor signs it. The state constitution sets the deadline for turning in the required number of petition signatures — 3 percent of the registered voters in the state — by June 1 following the adjournment of the legislature, which usually takes place at the end of April.

Thus by passing the marriage bill in the House in early March, as supporters now hope to do, opponents could get more than a month of additional time to obtain the petition signatures than if the bill passed at the end of the session in late April. Gov. Martin O’Malley has said he would sign the bill if it reaches him.

If opponents succeed in gathering the required number of valid petition signatures, the bill is put on hold. It would not become law unless voters defeat the referendum question submitted by opponents, which would call for defeating the bill and defining marriage in the state as a union only between a man and a woman.

For the entire story, you will need to go the the Washington Blade.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Today is the First Monday of Lent

As I was wondering what to post today, I went to Fr. Z's Blog, and we find out that:

The Roman Station is San Pietro “in vincoli“, also called the Basilica Eudoxiana. The titular cardinal is His Eminence Donald Card. Wuerl of Washington, DC.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Did Cardinal Wuerl say no to the Pontifical Mass at the Shrine?

The Paulus Institute released a statement which said that Msgr. Rossi and the Shrine were not responsible for the cancellation of the April 9th Mass. Mmmmm...there aren't too many people left who could say no.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Did we kill SB116???

From the Washington Times:

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The Maryland General Assembly effectively killed a same-sex marriage bill Friday when House leaders unsure if they had enough support to pass a final vote returned the legislation to the chamber’s Judiciary Committee.

The bill had already passed in the Senate, and approval in the full House along with Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley’s assured signature would have made Maryland the sixth state along with the District to legalize such marriages.

The emotionally-charged House debate Friday lasted for almost three hours before Delegate Joseph Vallario Jr., a Prince George’s Democrat and the Judiciary chairman, called for the bill to be return to his committee, and delegates agreed on a voice vote.
Afterward, co-sponsors acknowledged the bill was returned to avoid outright defeat on the House floor and said the committee amending or re-submitting the legislation this year is unlikely.

“Oh, it’s dead,” said committee member and Delegate Curt Anderson, a Baltimore Democrat who co-sponsored the bill. “When you resubmit a bill to the judiciary committee, you probably won’t see it anymore this year.”

Update on John Paul II Cultural Center

I received a letter (dated March 2), via email last night, from the Dominican Sisters of Mary. Here is part of the letter regarding the John Paul II Cultural Center:

As you may know, the Dominican Sisters of Mary signed a purchase agreement with the Archdiocese of Detroit this past August to determine if the building located at 3900 Harewood Road in Washington, D.C., also known as the John Paul II Cultural Center, could be renovated for a House of Studies. While architectural renderings of the facility determined that the building could be renovated, the Sisters discerned that to pursue this endeavor was not a prudent use of our limited resources. Additionally, the level of financial support to undertake the project was lacking. As a result, the Sisters have withdrawn the offer to purchase the building.

Who "Killed" the Pontifical TLM?

It seems that the second Pontifical TLM was scheduled to take place on April 9th but was "cancelled."

Was it due to Msgr. Rossi? Cardinal Wuerl?

This is a real whodun'it.

Check our Fr. Z's Blog here for the thoughts of those who were going to attend.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

SB116 - The Fight is Still On! Help Stop It!

From the Maryland Family Council...

Dear Family Friend:

It's not over!!!!

The Vote has been delayed again!!!

Here is an update on The Civil Marriage Protection Act (SB 116). Please pass along this message to your people that their physical presence has made a difference! We still have an ability to stop this bill the House. We need you!!!!The House voted today on a 2nd read of the bill and it passed. No amendments were taken. The final vote will happen FRIDAY! We need to have people come out for the vote and one last opportunity to try and stop the bill in the House!

We need EVERYBODY to come out and be present in Annapolis in House chambers on Friday (March 11th) from 10:00-1:00. We need to fill the chambers of the House! Also here is a refined target list of delegates to target today, tomorrow and Friday. There has been an enormous amount of pressure on the issue from House leadership and perhaps even the Governor himself to vote for the bill.Please take a few moments to contact the below representatives in your district.

Thank you for all you have done and are doing to preserve the definition of marriage. Together we can make a difference!

Maryland Family Council President

Joseph F. Vallario, Jr. (Democrat, District 27ACalvert & Prince George’s), (301) 423-8100
Delegate Veronica Turner (D26 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3212,(301) 858-3212
Delegate John Olszewski, Jr. (D6 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3458, (301) 858-3458
ERIC M. BROMWELL (Democrat, District 8, Baltimore County)House Office Building, Room 415,(410) 841-3766, (301) 858-3766e-mail:
RUDOLPH C. CANE (Democrat, District 37A, Dorchester & Wicomico Counties)House Office Building, Room 364,(410) 841-3427, (301) 858-3427e-mail:
ANA SOL GUTIERREZ (Democrat, District 18, Montgomery County)House Office Building, Room 220, (410) 841-3181, (301) 858-3181e-mail:
ROBERT A. COSTA (Republican, District 33B Anne Arundel County)House Office Building, Room 159, (410) 841-3551, (301) 858-3551e-mail:
Delegate Tawanna Gaines (D22 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3058,(301) 858-3058
Delegate James Proctor, Jr. (D27A, Calvert & Prince George's Counties), (410) 841-3083, (301) 858-3083
Delegate Kriselda Valderrama (D26 Prince Georges County) * Judiciary, (410) 841-3210, (301) 858-3210
Delegate Melody Griffith (D25 Prince George's County), (410) 841-3557, (301) 858-3557
Delegate Melvin Stukes (D44 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3544, (301) 858-3544 Delegate Marvin Holmes (D23B Prince Georges), (410) 841-3310, (301) 858-3310
Delegate Nathaniel Oaks (D41 Baltimore City), (410) 841-3283, (301) 858-3283
Delegate Barbara A. Robinson ( D40 Baltimore City) (410)841-3520 (301)858-3520


It is imperative for you to contact the above mentioned delegates and tell them to vote NO on the Civil Marriage Protection Act (SB116).

The US: A Welfare State

I recently read an article which states that 1/3 of the US is receiving some sort of "handout" from the government - Social Security, Medicare, unemployment, etc.

Now I know that a number of you will take me to task on Social Security, saying that people have paid into it, but in reality, it is really a Ponzi scheme. Let's admit it. There is no money in the system. There is no ALGORE lock box. It has been raided to pay for other things.

This got me to thinking (which can be dangerous), that if this is the case, it says that we are doing something radically wrong with some, if not all of these programs.

This lead me to further thinking about the statement of the Social Justice Directors of the Catholic Church (and the USCCB). Their latest message was not to cut any social program but to increase them.

To me, this is a recipe for disaster, since the Social Justice crowd just wants to keep doing the same old, same old.

Maybe it is time to look at wiping out some of these programs, just like CCHD.

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Teachable Moment for/from Cardinal Wuerl

This week's Catholic Standard (March 3, 2011 Page 5)contains his weekly column entitled: Speaking Up. (I wonder if I am the only person, other than the Communications Office, who reads it.)

In it, he discusses the fact that Catholics need to speak up. Not simply the hierarchy, but everyday Catholics.

I can agree with that.

But, his column begins to go south in the last paragraph.

First, he states: "From time to time, some Catholics do speak out in disagreement..but sometimes when dealing with care for the poor, protection of human life, or the treatment of immigrants."

Now, I can only image what he is talking about, since he is not specific. Does he mean the discussion on how to help the poor (government solutions vs. non-government solutions)? Does he mean support for the death penalty? Does he mean that illegal aliens should be deported and not given benefits?

I don't know. Do you?

Second, he states that "I need to do a better job of teaching" when there are some Catholics who do not fully understand or accept Catholic teaching.

I think that this is correct but up to a point.

You see teaching is only a part of the equation. When one is a member of an organization, and outwardly refuses to accept the teaching (rules, obligations, etc.) of that organization, teaching may not be the solution.

It may be time for the teacher (organization) to say to the member, that if you are not going to follow the obligations, rules, policies/procedures of the organization, then maybe you cannot/should not be a full member. Therefore, you will be denied these privileges, which are only open to full membership. If you decide once again follow the rules, then all is open to you.

For whatever reason, it seems that we have a teacher who simply refuses to use all of the methods available.

No wonder why many "catholycs" continue to support gay marriage, abortion, living together w/o marriage. They know the rules but since there is no penalty (at least on earth), why should they change.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Can this be Cardinal Wuerl's Terry Schiavo moment?

On Feb. 19, Ms. Nyirahabiyambere’s feeding tube was removed on the order of her court-appointed guardian. Her six adult children — including two United States citizens — vehemently opposed that decision. But they were helpless to block it when Georgetown University Medical Center, frustrated in its efforts to discharge Ms. Nyirahabiyambere after she had spent eight costly months there without insurance, sought a guardian to make decisions that the family would not make. “Now we are powerless spectators, just watching our mother die,” said Mr. Ndayishimiye, 33, who teaches health information management at the State University of New York’s Institute of Technology in Utica. “In our culture, we would never sentence a person to die from hunger.

To read more, go here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Help Stop SB167

It is amazing how the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) will not tell you the whole truth about this bill.

You may have gotten an URGENT notice from them (with my comments):

SB 167 would extend in-state tuition rates at community colleges to Maryland high school graduates who are academically-eligible. (Sounds very good and uplifting.) The bill, entitled "Higher Education - Tuition Charges - Maryland High School Students," would make a college education possible for a new generation of immigrant (NOTE that they did not say illegal alieans -- which is what their legal status in the US is. This is comment should NOT be taken as against those who are here legally, which is what the MCC does to attack those who oppose it. It is just like crying "RACIST.") Marylanders and would give these young people one of America's most prized gifts - opportunity. (Well then, why should they cut the line ahead of those who are waiting patiently to get in. Why not offer in-state tuition to everyone? At what cost is it to those who are here legally and to taxpayers? Don't taxpayers have a say in this matter? Don't the children of those here legally have an opportunity?)

The bill would extend in-state tuition eligibility at community colleges to Maryland high school graduates whose parent or guardian have paid Maryland income taxes, who have attended at least 2 years of high school in Maryland, and who sign an affidavit stating that they will apply for permanent residency within 30 days of becoming eligible to do so, among other conditions. (Notice, that they make no mention that they people are here illegally. Why only two years? Why not seven or ten years? Who the hell made up the two year number? Note that they are allowed to cut the line in front of everyone else -- so much for fair play. Notice how they are supporting those who break our laws. Just file a couple of papers and we will look the other way. Oh, and who is really paying the bill on this -- those who are taxpayers.)

This legislation would help lift up all people so that together we can make America stronger and healthier for future generations. (But what about those who abide by the law and come in legally? Don't they count. Guess Not.)

You notice how the MCC is still in bed with Casa of Maryland. There is a nice link on the MCC's website.

If the Catholic Church would support the laws against illegal aliens, this death would have never taken place.

Once again, I am calling for the shut down of the MCC.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Solemn Laetare Sunday Vespers (Extraordinary Form) and Benediction

Arlington, VA (February 21, 2011)—The Institute of Catholic Culture is pleased to announce the presentation of solemn vespers on Sunday, April 3, Laetare Sunday, at St. Mary Catholic Church in Alexandria. Presiding at the service will be Fr. Franklyn McAfee and Fr. Paul Scalia from St. John the Beloved Catholic Church in McLean, Virginia. The time of evening prayer, often called Vespers, in which psalms and hymns are sung in thanksgiving to God, is a practice that stretches back to the earliest day of Christianity, rooted in the Hebrew tradition.

The Washington, DC-based acapella chorus, the Suspicious Cheese Lords—named after a loose translation of a title of a Thomas Tallis motet—will perform the requisite chants at the Vespers service. The group is well known for its medieval and Renaissance musical repertoire. It has performed before the Holy Father during His 2008 visit to Washington, DC. For nearly a decade until 2006, the group served at the Franciscan Monastery in Washington as its choir in residence.

Historically, Christians prepared for the great feast of the Resurrection, Easter Sunday, through fasting, almsgiving, and prayer. Over time, devout Christians developed a forty-day long period of preparation, called Lent, in which the entire community readied themselves for Christ’s resurrection through rigorous acts of fasting and self-denial. In the midst of this time of spiritual struggle, indeed, at the mid-point of the fast, the Church, in anticipation of the joy of the Resurrection, spent a day of rejoicing, called Laetare Sunday. As this day of rejoicing closed at the setting of the sun, Christians traditionally gather together in prayer to thank God for the gift of Easter, a joyous day that is soon to come.

The service begins at 7:30 p.m. at Saint Mary Catholic Church, 310 South Royal Street, Alexandria, Virginia. All are welcome to join. For more information, please visit or call 540-635-7155.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Environmental Outreach Committee...Can we Recycle them?

Once again, the Archdiocese has put together a Lenten Stewardship Calendar produced by the Environmental Outreach Committee. Now, it is not as bad as last year, nor as bad as the one used by Blessed Sacrament but still WHY ARE WE WASTING MONEY ON THIS???

I wonder how much energy was spent on creating this? Maybe we could have reduced the carbon footprint even more if it was not created.

I was hoping that they would have finally gone away, like ALGORE and his Global Warming scam but nope, like Bram Stoker's Dracula is seems to come back from the dead.

And to add insult to injury, they are going to have a one day Social Ministry conference. Why? What is the value other than to show that they are "doing something."

How many people will attend? How far will they drive (and energy spent) to get there? How much energy have they spent to put this together? How much energy will they spend to hold the conference? Why are they ordering lunches which you can purchase? Why don't they ask everyone to brown bag it? These are the questions inquiring minds want to know.

And then the Cardinal wonders why I won't give.


UPDATE: On the same-sex marriage bill in Maryland, it seems that Del. Robert Garagiola (D-Montgomery) was not simply a supported but one of the key co-sponsors of this legislation. This comes from State Sen. Richard Madeleno's email to constituants. Well, Cardinal Wuerl, what say you?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cardinal's Appeal 2011

This past Sunday, most of us heard the message from the Cardinal for the 2011 Appeal.

You also heard from your pastor, who probably read from the "homily" prepared by the Office of Communication.

The message was to give, to give generously and for XYZ reasons.

As in previous years, I will not give. Not that I think that the Cardinal is going around and partying with the funds. Nor do I believe that what it supports are necessarily bad things.

But as a matter of principal, for what I call the lack of leadership of His Eminence, I will not give. I made that pledge a couple of years ago, and have held fast to it.

However, I will not spend the $$ drinking or on new clothes. I will take what I would give, and give it to a Catholic charity that I believe will do good. It may be one of the ones supported in the Appeal. It may not.

One thing that I noticed about the Appeal, is that the amount of funds pledged (and actually donated) has increased each year over the last five, but the number of donors has remained about the same.

Over the last five years, the number of donors has fluctuated between a high of 47,000+ to a low of 43,000+. So, those who are contributing, are contributing more. The Archdiocese must have some good info on the cause of that.

Once again, I am urging each and everyone one of you not to give to the Cardinal's Appeal but take that money and give directly to a good Catholic charity of your choice. It could be St. Ann's Home or maybe your local Catholic school (my recommendation). Or maybe to a priest whom is serving overseas.

Just do it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Honoring John Sweeney...

This week's Catholic Standard contains a story on the most recent Medal of Freedom recipients, who are Catholic.

It seems that John Sweeney, the AFL-CIO president for 14 years, was honored. According to the Catholic News Agency article, he and his wife are both parishioners of Church of the Little Flower (Bethesda) and have "actively supported the work of Catholic Charities, including serving as the chairs of Catholic Charities' annual gala."

I don't know the man but I do remember him well from my days when I was an AFL-CIO member. (And I am not proud of that fact either.)

I really find it appalling, that the head of the AFL-CIO, who spend millions, upon millions of dollars helping to elect pro-abortion and pro-gay politicians was allowed to be the chair of these charities.

I find it appalling that the Cardinal honored this man, on Sept. 2, 2009 when Mr. Sweeney received an honorary degree from Georgetown.

I find it appalling that the Catholic Standard would have this article, which shows Mr. Sweeney in such a positive light. I thought we had gotten past reporting on these stories.

Maybe if Mr. Sweeney had not funnelled as much money into elections, and more into pension funds, that we would not be facing gay marriage in Maryland, and that union pension funds would be in better health.