Friday, March 29, 2019

Bishop Wilton Gregory -- A DISASTER for the ARCHDIOCESE

We don't need another Bernadin, McCarrick, Wuerl bishop in DC.

I know that this is long but listen to the first 12 minutes of this, to learn how corrupt and deceitful Bishop Gregory is.

Another Corrupt Bishop

Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Rehabilitaton of Cardinal Wuerl has begun!

Well, it seems that Cardinal Wuerl, who has been laying low for the past few weeks, has started to make some public appearances.  I consider this to be the start of his rehabilitation into the the public's view. 

This week's Catholic Standard (March 21, 2019) has three articles highlighting his activities in the Archdiocese:  

  1. The Editor's Notebook by Mark Zimmermann.  In it, he writes about Cardinal Wuerl at the Rite of Election and the Call to Continuing Conversion, and we read of his comments during the homily.
  2. The article on Ash Wednesday (Page 6) states that Cardinal Wuerl was the principal celebrant and homilist at Mass at the Cathedral.
  3. Blessing of Benedict Hall in late January by Cardinal Wuerl (Page 11).  Interesting on how that was not reported in January, but now, over two months later.
I expect to see the next issue of the Catholic Standard to be the same, with the continuing rehabilitation of Cardinal Wuerl.  

Is anyone up to taking bets on when he will be featured on the cover of the Standard?

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