Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank You MCC for hurting Catholic Education.

In a recent article in the Catholic Standard (“State funding cut for text books to non-public schools” Feb. 21, 2008 Page 7), funding for the Maryland Nonpublic Textbook/Technology Loan program has been cut by about 10% or $400,000.

For those of you who do not know, the program provides non-religious textbooks, software, and hardware to non-public schools. For example, you can purchase English books or at least defray some of the cost on a per pupil basis.

Now, you may ask why do you blame the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC)? The answer is very simple. They are supporting a number of programs which call for increases in funding, such as in-state tuition rates for illegal aliens.*

In fact, if you go to this week's paper copy of the Catholic Standard (Feb. 28 Page 6), Julie Varner the MCC's point person on support for illegal aliens, testified in front of the Maryland Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee in opposition to the denial of instate tuition for illegal aliens.

Personally, I just love her comment that illegal aliens are "in full compliance with federal immigration law." I guess entering the country without a visa or Green Card or overstaying your visa constitutes full compliance with federal law. As my friend would say: "What the heck have you been drinking?"

By lobbying for these other programs, they are only causing our legislators to cut current programs. For not announcing and targeting the lawmakers who do not support our issues, it only increases their attacks upon us, knowing that nothing will happen.

These cuts only hurt our ever stretched Catholic schools by driving up the costs and driving away students. St. Ignatius in Ft. Washington, MD will close in the Fall because there are simply not enough students and the parish cannot afford to pump another $250,000 plus into it.

So, I offer my congratulations to Julie Varner, Dick Dowling (Executive Director) and Mary Ellen Russell (Dep. Director for Education & Family Issues) of the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) on helping Catholic school families’ pay just a little bit more in tuition and fees next year.

Soon there won’t be any Catholic elementary schools and you put more focus on helping illegal aliens.

*For those of you in Annapolis, you call it “undocumented workers.” It means those who have either entered the country illegally or have overstayed their visas.

An Open Letter to Sr. Mary Ann Walsh

I was wondering if the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) would respond to Joe Feuerherd’s article in the Washington Post, or if it would be up to the hundreds of bloggers by myself to defend the Church.

Then, I saw on another blog that there was a response. I was excited. I was elated.

I went to the Washington Post on-line, and read your response. I read it twice. I printed it out and took it home with me and read it again.

Let’s just say that the excitement and elation were not quite my feelings after I read your letter.


First, and I don’t know how many times I and many others must say it, we are not anti-immigrant. We are anti-illegal immigrant. If you come to this country by completing the proper paperwork, paying the necessary fees, I know of no-one (with the exception of the Klan) who will not welcome you into the country.

However, what really deflated that excitement and elation was the following line:

That this is especially curious given that the U.S. government is building a fence along our southern border to keep out brown people – not along the northern border, where whites reside.

So, Sr. Walsh, let me ask you a question:

Most illegal aliens enter the United States through which border? The North or the South?

Now, this is not a trick question and you have a 50-50 chance of getting it right.

(Jeopardy theme begins to play.)

Times up! If your answer is: “What is the southern border?” Then you are correct.

Now, if most people enter the US illegally through the southern border, would it not make the most sense to build the fence at the southern border? It’s kinda like saying that we will build a levee near the river to protect a town when it floods, instead of in the middle of Death Valley.

But what this points out is something that is much more sinister and that I have believed since the start of this debate: That the USCCB, like the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC), is willing to accuse those of us who believe that illegal aliens should be prosecuted for breaking our federal laws of RACISM. And, you will do it by innuendo.

No, you don't want to dirty yourselves by saying it outright, because it will show up that your arguments are based on emotion, so you do what all those who cannot argue the facts – you throw out the race card.

I expect this sort of statement from Al or Jesse but not the Director of Media Relations for the USCCB.

All I can say is: SHAME ON YOU and the USCCB.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Take on Joe Feuerherd's WaPo Article (Part 2)

He continues on with the statement that most American Catholics and Americans in general have rejected the Church’s approach to abortion, women’s ordination and birth control. If true, I would like to point out that the Church is not Bill and Hillary Clinton, who seem to change their stance on what the polls are saying. Either you uphold certain truths or you do not. Oh, and whether this war is just or not is not a matter of faith.

With great wonderment, he also lays the blame on the pedophile scandal at the feet of John Paul the Great. According to Joe, JPII did not care about management, only fire and brimstone. So, as soon as JPII became Pope in October 1978, we had pedophiles. As last I heard, the issue with pedophile priests goes back hundreds of years. But what the heck do I know.

But note, he makes no mention of the Lavender Mafia. He is okay with that because it would come under Social Justice and his next major comment about the 2004 election in Ohio.

Yes folks, it is that evil right wing lurch that helped to bring George Bush into office because of the “anti-homosexual” legislation on the ballot in Ohio. But every liberal democrat has told me that it was Karl Rove who did it. I guess you can substitute Catholic bishops for Karl Rove in this instance.

So, what is a member of the Catholic left to do? Well, there is only one thing, vote for Obama.

Yes, folks, he will end the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and bring the war to the shores of the US where it rightfully belongs.

He will give us socialist health care, so that everyone can suffer equally under a poor medical system.

He will give us immigration reform, which will continue to help corrupt and inept governments stay afloat by getting rid of people who they do not care to lift out of poverty.

So, Mr. Feuerherd, please do not insult me and many of those like me by calling your self a Catholic. Please go down the road and join the United Church of Christ, like the man you envision to be our savior – Obama. Then you can debate the resolutions such as “Jesus Christ is the One True Savior” at the next UCC General Conference.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Take on Joe Feuerherd's WaPo Article (Part 1)

There has been a great deal made about Joe Feuerherd’s piece in the Washington Post’s Outlook section.

Now, let’s take a look at this from the perspective of regular guy in the pews. And just as important, someone who lives in the Archdiocese of Washington.

First, Joe (and I don’t know him on a personal level) comes out swinging saying that the Catholic bishops have said that pushing the button for a pro-abortion candidate is sending his soul to hell. Now, no where have I heard that statement being made (although I wish they would) but as we all know, the bishops have a moral obligation to say when there is something intrinsically evil, we must not do anything to aid and abet it. Each of us has a free will and if Joe wishes to continue to promote evil, then he has put his soul in that position, no one else.

Second, if you are even slightly familiar with the National Catholic Reporter, you will know that it is what many of us would view their reporting as on the left. The key word is his use of the word “independent” which in this case means "we follow what we want." Kinda like the Maryland Catholic Conference, on occassions.

Having gone thru all of that, then he really ratchets up the volume by claiming he is against liberal abortion laws. Note that he does not say he is opposed to all abortion laws, just liberal ones. Of course, he makes certain to throw in that this is not Nazi Germany. Well, then Joe, I guess that just makes it all the more palatable.

(Do you ever notice that those on the left love to throw in the Nazi Germany analogy somewhere along the way. I guess it is a requirement or something. Could you imagine the conversation between Joe and his friend? “Hey Joe, you know, the article is missing something. What is it, what is it? I know, you forgot to do a comparison with Nazi Germany. That will make the piece perfect.")

Joe continues on with the term “wafer wars.” What a wonderful way for a Catholic to refer to the Holy Eucharist. My how that must warm the hearts of Sr. Joan Chittister and Fr. Greeley.

To be continued...

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Congressional Candidate Survey by the MCC

Editor's Note: I had written this a while back but for some reason never published it. So, I thought I should publish it, even it is late. Mea Culpa.

The Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) has conducted a survey of the congressional candidates who are currently on the primary ballot. Now there is nothing wrong with this, but once again, would you guys (that means the MCC) stop with some of your radical left ideas.

With Question 3 you are asking these candidates to put the safety and security of the US in danger. You are probably the same people who said 9/11 was our fault.

In Question #4 you use the term “undocumented” and not “illegal aliens.” These are people who have entered the US illegally. No matter how you try to sugar coat it, they have broken the law. I guess we should call pedophile priests, “members of the clergy who love children in an adult way.” Let’s see you use that phrase the next time.

Question #6 calls for socialized medicine. Have you taken a look at Britain’s hospital system? It is a mess. We need to go back to the days before HMOs. Oh, and if you did not know it, Ted Kennedy was one of the primary sponsors of the legislation that brought us HMOs.

I still do not believe that the MCC adequately represents the views of the average Roman Catholic in the Archdiocese of Washington.

It is time for the Archbishop to fire Richard Dowling and the rest of the crew at the MCC.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

USCCB - What are these guys thinking?

From the USCCB, here is their latest press release:

WASHINGTON – The Justice for Immigrants Campaign of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) named Antonio B. Cube Jr. as its new national director.

Cube is presently the legislative director for the Washington State Catholic Conference and has extensive experience as a public affairs consultant and in community outreach programs. He has over five years experience as a legislative assistant and has lead coordination of staff work activities on immigration, anti-poverty, social justice and minority issues. He also has served as a government affairs, communications and public relations consultant to the Washington State Department of Transportation.

“The selection committee chose Mr. Cube for the position because of his extensive and broad experience working with a wide range offices and organizations. He was also selected because of his work in fields related to the kind of work carried out by the National Director of the Justice for Immigrant Campaign. In addition, the committee felt that his entry on duty now will enable him to further energize the campaign and have a positive impact on our efforts to put Comprehensive Immigration Reform again at the center of the debate on immigration,” said Young.

Even with our Catholic schools closing (there are at least 7 or 8 here in the Archdiocese of Washington DC starting in June), Dioceses' are going into bankruptcy because of the pedophile scandal, the family is under attack by pro-homosexual groups (here in State of Maryland and Montgomery Country Maryland it is a real problem), the "lavendar mafia" in our priesthood, many of our bishops refuse to stand-up for faith and morals in the public arena (hint, hint Archbishop Wuerl), and they are worried about illegal aliens?

What are these guys thinking?
As usual, they are not.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Open Letter to the Editor of My Catholic Standard

Dear Mr. Zimmerman:

In your article, Maryland lawmakers consider measures to redefine marriage, allow gay ‘marriages’ (Feb. 21, 2008 page 7), you don’t mention any of any of the lawmakers, with the exception of one, who are either the sponsors or supporters of these measures.

For example, Sen. Richard S. Madaleno, Jr., has stated to me, in writing:

I am the Senate sponsor of the Religious Freedom and Civil Marriage Protection Act (SB290). As such, I have been working to extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples. It is my view that the only way to confer all the rights of marriage to unmarried couples is through legislation like SB290.

Since you mention that bill in particular, I am surprised that you do not mention him. Why?

Is it because you don’t want to get any of them upset with My Catholic Standard?
Do you feel that if you name them, they will no longer support issues that the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) supports such as abolishing the death penalty or in-state tuition for illegal aliens?

Or is it, as a friend of mine has stated, there is fear in the Archdiocese that a number of Catholic clergy and religious may be “outed?”

Here is a prime opportunity to let Catholics know who is supporting our issues and who is not. Yet, you and the Catholic Standard have chosen to remain silent.
It cannot be because of space, since you have devoted pages to Lobby Night 2008, what would two or three more inches make to the article.

All I ask is why?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The MCC misleading us on illegal aliens & taxess

According the folks at the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC), immigrants (legal and illegal aliens) paid over $10 million in various taxes (payroll, income, etc.).

Now, the original source of the information combines both those here legally and those in the US illegally. I am not faulting the source of the data, but I am faulting the MCC and, to some extent, Archbishop Wuerl for trying to confuse the average Catholic.

The MCC tries to obfuscate the issue by mixing up both legal immigration and illegal immigration, especially since they don’t like to use the word “illegal alien” but “undocumented.” This is a great tactic because they use it against people by saying, in a very subtle way; you are a racist because you are against immigrants.

Let me say this over and over, most of us do not have any issue with those who have gone thru the process and entered the county legally. We do have an issue with those who have entered ILLEGALLY.

However, I am digressing a bit.

If the MCC wishes to use numbers, then we might want to point out that although households led by illegal aliens paid $16 billion in taxes (in 2002 across the US), they imposed more than $26.3 billion in costs on the US Federal Government alone. This creates a fiscal deficit of almost $10.4 billion.

Gee, I wonder why the MCC did not include that number.

As usual, the MCC is playing fast and loose. If the Archbishop wants to cut some costs in the Diocese, I suggest he may want to start with the MCC.

Statistics from the Center for Immigration Studies. The High Cost of Cheap Labor: Illegal Immigration and the Federal Budget (August 2004).

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is Msgr. Kazista thinking?

The Catholic Standard (Archdiocese of Washington DC) article praising Montgomery County Councilmember Marilyn Praisner is just replete with quotes made by members of the Catholic Church. Each time I read it, I find something new to write about. I am so glad I did not drop my subscription, this is the article that keeps on giving.

Msgr. Kazista (Pastor of St. John the Baptist Church Silver Spring MD) states that Praisner:

“put into practice …the Christian virtues of social justice, concern for children, their social welfare, their health. In her work, she showed concern for God’s creation and the environment."

First, note that Msgr. did not use the word “Catholic.” I find that in and of it self, interesting. In fact, he only uses the term Christian throughout the article.

Second, if she was so concerned for children, then why was she pro-abortion? Killing the unborn is not what I call being concerned for God’s creation.

Yet, Msgr. KaZista (and I do not know him, never met him) seems either to be ignorant of this or just ignores it.

Third, if she was so concerned for the children, then why did she vote for the Transgender Bill, which will allow men who are dressed as women into locker rooms? It has been reported that there have already been at least three incidents in the county.

Fourth, if she was so concerned about Christian virtues, then why did she not put an exemption for religious institutions into the Transgender Bill. There are none. We may be faced with a situation where a Catholic school will be sued for not hiring someone who is transgender.

Yet again, either Msgr. Kazista is either (1) ignorant of the Transgender Law (2) decided to ignore it and/or (3) is a silent supporter of it.

This leads me to once again point out that those who have been tasked to lead the faithful, are not only leading the faithful astray but making a mockery of those who attempt to live by their faith.

So, let me go back to my original question: What is Msgr. Kazista thinking? I think that the answer is that he is not.

All I can say is that Msgr. Kazista should be ashamed of himself.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The MCC praises a Pro-Abortion/Anti-Family Politician

An Open Letter to Mary McGinnity, Director of the Dept. of Social Concerns, Maryland Catholic Conference:

I just read your comments in the Catholic Standard (Feb. 14, 2008 Page 38) about Marilyn Praisner, Montgomery County Council. I almost fell out of my chair. Here is what you said:

“Praisner kept her faith private and did not use it to advance her political agenda.”

Did I read your statement correctly? She claims to be a Catholic, is lauded by you, and yet did not let her faith guide her actions on the Council.

Are we not called upon to live our faith in our daily lives? Or is that just a big lie? We are called upon each and every day to live our faith and yet, she is given a pass because she is a politician?

I guess that explains her pro-abortion stance and allowing the Montgomery Council Transgender Bill to pass. .

It is a very sad day, when a representative of the advocacy arm of the Archdiocese of Washington, says such things.

This is just another fine example of why Archbishop Wuerl must fire Dick Dowling and the key staff at the MCC.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Open Letter to the Editor of the Catholic Standard

Dear Mr. Zimmerman:

This is the second letter I am sending to you regarding the people who have been profiled in The Catholic Standard in the Feb. 14, 2007 edition.

Although you may have picked up the article on America Ferrera from Catholic News Service (“Emmy-winning actress brings message of hope to Catholic students”), once again, you are giving a very positive spin on someone who supports a presidential candidate who is 100% pro-abortion and 100% pro-gay: Hillary Clinton. If you don't believe me, just do a search on YouTube to find the videos showing her support.

Once again, the Catholic Standard continues to promote those who oppose our pro-life and pro-family beliefs, just like you did with Marilyn Praisner.

Oh, and let’s not forget the front page photo of Gov. Martin O’Malley last year -- another pro-abortion, anti-family politician.

Mr. Zimmerman, do the right thing and in the next issue of the Standard, state that it was wrong to use an article that puts a supporter of a pro-abortion candidate in such a positive light.


Remember: Help stop the Montgomery Country Transgender Bill. Sign the petition (if you are a registered voter in MoCo.) Click here. There are only a few days left!

Friday, February 15, 2008

An Open Letter to the Editor of the Catholic Standard

Dear Mr. Zimmerman:

I just received my copy of the Catholic Standard (Feb. 14, 2007) and was very disappointed with your article on Marilyn Praisner (page 18).

No where did you mention her 100% support of abortion, which was very publicly attested to in the 2006 advertisement in the Annapolis Capital paper on the 33rd Anniversary of Roe v Wade. No where did you mention, her being honored by the National Organization for Women (NOW)

In addition, there was no mention of the Montgomery Country Transgender Bill which was passed late last year. Here is a bill that has no exemption for religious institutions, which means that Catholic schools, hospitals, etc., maybe held liable for not hiring someone who is transgender.

It is important that as the editor we should not have been praising someone who is 100% pro-abortion and helped to pass the Transgender Bill. It is insulting to me that the Maryland Catholic Conference praises her, as well as, the pastor of St. John the Baptist.

What type of message does that send to the faithful Roman Catholics of this Archdiocese? As someone who is pro-life and pro-family, it is a slap in my face. It is an insult.

What message does it send to the pro-abortion politicians? It sends is that if you are a politician, and pro-abortion, no problem. We will still support you and honor you.

Mr. Zimmerman, do the right thing and in the next issue of the Standard, state that it was wrong to honor and praise a person such as Praisner. Show that this is a paper that completely upholds pro-life values.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Legislative Night 2008 should be called "Let's Reward Ilegal Activity" Night

The Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) continues to push for a variety of benefits for “undocumented workers” (for those of you in Annapolis, it means “illegal aliens” – you know, those who have come into the country without a visa or have overstayed it).

How do they do so?

Well, as part of their Lobby Night 2008 packet, they state that they oppose the following bills:

Four bills (SB 93, SB 621, HB 288, and HB 1046) would prohibit undocumented immigrants from obtaining drivers licenses. One bill (SB 277) would imprison those who unlawfully apply for or use a drivers license and cannot prove they are present in the United States lawfully.

Wow, can you believe that they not only support giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens but the even oppose any sort of penalties to those who attempt to attain them.

What’s next free education? Why yes, of course.

And so, the Archbishop has to close Catholic schools, enrollment is down at many because parents cannot afford the tuition, the MCC can barely get money for text books for Catholic schools, but they are more than willing to push for instate tuition for those who are here illegally. All they are doing is siphoning money.

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

But folks, that is not all, they also oppose the following:

One bill (SB 681) would require police officers who detain individuals determined by the officers to be undocumented, to inform the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. Another (HB 1074) would require DNA samples to be collected from undocumented immigrants under arrest. Another (SB 112) would prohibit District Courts from granting pretrial release to individuals who cannot prove that they are in the United States lawfully. Three bills (SB 421, HB 735, and HB 885) would prohibit Maryland counties and municipalities from restricting their personnel from gathering or communicating information on individuals’ immigration status.

So, the MCC opposes local law enforcement to let ICE know that someone is here illegally and even to gather information on their immigration status.

Heck, why even bother to enforce any laws. So, when a priest molests a child, who cares, it’s only a child. When someone steals money donated to the Church, hey it’s only money. When a guy rapes a woman, hey, it’s only sex. (Please note, that I do not hold these views, I am only following the logic of the MCC.)

The Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Washington DC finds their elementary schools closing because of a lack of funding, anti-marriage and anti-family legislation being pushed thru and abortion the norm, because they are more worried about rewarding those who have come here illegally than focusing on many of the basics.

They ally themselves with those who claim to be supporting social justice, only to find that those are the same politicians are more than willing to turn on the Church after they have gotten their vote and support.

But the MCC keeps coming back to them. They must be gluttons for punishment.

Oh, and one last thing, if you notice that for every topic – death penalty, housing, etc. – there is a contact. Notice that for illegal aliens, there is none. Now, here is the dirty little secret – Julie Varner, Assoc. Director of Social Concerns, is the person handling this.

It is time that the Archbishop fires Richard Dowling and many of the staff at the MCC.

If he doesn’t, he won’t have to worry about Catholic schools because there will be too few of them to matter.


Remember: Help stop the Montgomery Country Transgender Bill. Sign the petition (if you are a registered voter in MoCo.) Click here. There are only a few days left!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Don't think this can happen here? Think again.

An Anglican Archbishop was fined almost $100,000 for not hiring a gay man and must undergo equal opportunities training in England. Read more about it here.

The Transgender Bill, which was rammed through (no pun intended) the Montgomery County Council, even though most residents were against it, makes no exception for religious institutions. So, if an Roman Catholic school refuses to hire a man, who believes he is a woman, then the institution can face some serious penalties.

This is your chance to help get it on the ballot in November and let the citizens decide. Take a moment to sign and send in the petition.

On a side note, where is Archbishop Wuerl on this one? Where is the Church?

They are silent.

That is shameful.

It will come back to haunt us.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Maryland Primary - 2008

Some in the drive-by media are calling it the Potomac Primary. Not living in Potomac, I am a bit insulted by it, since I am not well to do. But that is the drive-by media for you.

On the Republican side, it is basically down to McCain and Huckabee. Both have good pro-life records.

On the Democratic side, you have the choice of two pro-abortion, anti-family politicians.

If you are a Catholic and are a registered member of the Democratic Party in Maryland (or anywhere to be exact), think carefully about whom you pull the lever (or in Maryland, push the keypad) for.

It is my opinion that you really should re-evaluate your membership in the Democratic Party -- it is not friendly to pro-life and pro-family candidates.

So, the question that I pose to you are: Will you vote your faith or are you going to vote for those who disagree with some of the most basic elements of our faith?

Think about it.

PS: For those Catholics who will vote for Obama or Clinton, I hear that there are lots of openings in the Anglican/Episcopalian Church these days.


Remember: Help stop the Montgomery Country Transgender Bill. Sign the petition (if you are a registered voter in MoCo.) Click here.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The MCC – Who are they kidding?

The Feb. 7, 2008 print edition of the Catholic Standard contains an article entitled: Maryland’s US Hose candidates answer questions asked by MCC.

In it, the Catholic Standard stated that all of the House candidates were invited to respond to the questionnaire by the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC). Candidates who did not respond were then mailed a second invitation. Finally, there were phone call and email follow-ups. Some candidates, they reported did not respond.

According to Richard Dowling, the MCC executive director:

…those candidates who chose not to participate, I must say that their choice is puzzling.

Catholics comprise the biggest bloc of religiously-affiliated voters in the state, somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 percent. As we vote – four in every 10 Marylanders who cast ballots in the 2006 elections identified themselves as Roman Catholic. Here was a direct communication link to a great many Catholic voters.

Who is Dick Dowling trying to fool? Even if the numbers are correct, politicians know that

1. Catholics do not vote their faith. I look around my parish and see Obama and Clinton stickers on a number of cars.

2. Many Catholics are willing to join politicians on the “social justice” issues such as spending more money on health care, etc. However, when these same Catholics come to them about abortion or being pro-family, vouchers, etc., the politicians ignore them. Why? Very simple. They know that they will get their votes no matter how they (the politicians) vote on the issues.

3. Our Archbishop, the MCC and many of the others we look up to, do not seem to have the moral backbone to stand up to these politicians. Where is the Archbishop on the Montgomery Transgender Bill? All I have heard is silence.

It is time for Dick Dowling, Julie Varner and the rest of the crew at the MCC to be fired.


Remember: Help stop the Montgomery Country Transgender Bill. Sign the petition (if you are a registered voter in MoCo.) Click here.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Maryland Primary - Feb. 12, 2008

Well, the Maryland Primary is almost upon us.

This message is really for my Catholic friends who are registered Democrats.

I really don’t need to talk about Hillary Clinton. We all know her record on abortion, homosexuals, socialized medicine, the military, etc..

But, there are many out there who want Obama. They say he stands for change. He is not Clinton. (Yes, I would agree with that on two counts: he is a guy and he seems to have a real marriage.)

Now, what you may not know is that Obama has a perfect pro-abortion record, although he may make you think otherwise.

Here is what he had to say at the 35th Anniversay of Roe v Wade:

"Thirty-five years after the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, it's never been more important to protect a woman's right to choose... Throughout my career, I've been a consistent and strong supporter of reproductive justice, and have consistently had a 100% pro-choice rating with Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America... I believe in and have supported common-sense solutions like increasing access to affordable birth control to help prevent unintended pregnancies... As President, I will improve access to affordable health care and work to ensure that our teens are getting the information and services they need to stay safe and healthy."

Don’t believe he would say that, no problemo, you too can go to the NARAL website and see the perfect score he has received from them, along with other quotes.

Now, not only does is he 100% in the pro-abortion camp, but he is also a huge supporter of the homosexual agenda. This is a quote from an article in the LAWeekly:

Just before Obama vanished into his motorcade that warm evening last summer, he draped his arms around Bernard and Gifford and asked them if he did them right. Bernard looked at him, "Senator, you always do us right. This time, you did us proud."

Gifford, the urban sophisticate, started to choke up. Not only did he realize he was finally doing something that would matter, but he seemed to be getting results. On that August night, he thought, possibly the next president of the United States was standing there for all to see, literally embracing him and his lover.

So, if you consider yourself a Catholic, then think about what your faith means to you and what it means when you go to vote.

Do you walk the walk or just talk the talk?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

An After Action Report - Protest at the White House

Having seen the report about the protest this Ash Wednesday by the left wing of the Catholic Church at the White House on The Cafeteria is Closed site, I decided to see what was going on. So here is an after action report.


Well, I arrived down there about 12:40/12:45pm and kinda hung around watching them. There were about twenty-four or twenty-five holding up signs/banners with about another 3 or 4 photographers. One banner read: "Jesus would not join the military." "US out of IRAQ" etc. Most looked like they could be found in any sort of anti-war, racism, sexism rally.
They read an excerpt from Archbishop Romero. They read from MKL. Both of course, were long dead before the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Then they began to call up various people. They called upon Gandi, Martin Luther King, a Brazilian Rainforest Activist, Dorothy Day and about another dozen or so people. (Unfortunately, I could not hear the woman too well.) With each person, the clenched fist was raised and they shouted out "PRESENTE." I guess calling it out in the a foreign language somehow makes it better, more forceful and more in line with the suppressed peoples of the world.
They called upon us to get out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

They asked God to forgive us of our hardheadedness, use of resources, for not spending enough on social programs, for our military, sexism, racism, empire building and all of the other typical things.
At least they all had a script from which to read from.

As I watched, a very well dressed man walked by on the cell phone and commented to the person on the other end of the phone about the protests -- that these were the good Catholics.

At the end, Fr. Nangle talked about Jonah and Nineveh and how we are a very sinful people. How he will put ashes in front of the White House and that we should be sorrowful for everything.

He then turned it over to the moderator. (Apx. 1pm.)

At that point, I could not resist.
I shouted out that if we really lived in such an evil empire why did the police not come, take you away and block you from what you were doing. If we are such a terrible place, why are you here saying what you are saying. I said continued to shout out that what they were saying was lies and that he was a liar.

One of their colleagues came and blocked me with her sign telling me that this was their protest. (I guess if I was on their side, I would have been welcome.) She and others had been arrested on many occasions for this. She was willing to discuss my issues and disagreements on the side. I continued to shout for a few seconds more but then began to walk away. I figured I had made my point.

A young woman, who was a reporter, asked me about my remarks. (I did not want to give my name, because in the past, I have received some nasty phone calls but did give her my blog info.)
As I talked to her, a guy -- in his 30's (and he looked so familiar, but I cannot place the face) -- came up to me and was very upset that I would call the priest a liar. He continued to confront me as I spoke w/ the reporter.

Once done, I then began to discuss/argue w/ him. (I will call him Larry for argument's sake.)

Larry, asked me why I called the priest. liar. I was a bit taken aback but what really got me upset was the priests comments that the US was an empire. Britain had an empire. France had an empire. The Soviets had an empire. The US does not have an empire. Empires drain as much as they can from countries -- not put back into it. My mind did not work fast enough on that -- i guess I should have taken debate more.

We argued about his being on the left but his retort was that we are "catholic" universal and therefore encompass both the right and the left. When asked about the Taliban and how they looked foward to killing us, he told me that since they had not come after him directly, they were no threat. Hearing that, I realized that I was arguing w/ a fool.

He continued by telling me he could see fear in my eyes. That I was a scared person. But I explained to him, that if I was so scared, why did I do what I did. That is not the sign of someone who is scared. He continued to tell me that I was a fearful little man -- that I am scared. I explained to him that you know nothing about me, have no idea of the things that I have seen or the places that I have been.

Another of his colleagues came up to me -- a tall man with a greying ponytail -- and congratulated me on speaking up. He told me that I was very brave and courageous to do so. It took a lot of guts he said. I thanked him, shook his hand and told him that I disagreed with you, but we live in a free country and you not only have the right, but I would defend that right. He smiled and thanked me.

But Larry really got me going when he made a comment about my weight - being a little portly. (While this was happening, the good friar came around to confront me but since I was so engaged w/ his colleague, he had to go back and put the ashes on the ground. Got to get our priorities straight you understand.) It was so charitable of him to comment about my physical appearance, so Catholic of him, that I turned the tables a bit and chastised him for commenting upon my physical appearance.

After some sparring back and forth, I decided to head back to work. Larry was determined to continue to harass me. I told him he was welcome to walk w/ me and he said he would. He walked w/ me for about 20 feet. Larry then turned and went back to the protest.

What are you "giving up" for Lent?

There are many blogs which discuss all aspects of Ash Wednesday: fasting, ashes, etc. And there is nothing wrong with it.

I did want to tell you about my friend Pete.

When I was growing up, there was a kid a couple of years older than me: Pete. Pete was a nice guy but took a lot of ribbing because he was so skinny.

Each year, a couple of us would ask Pete: “Hey Pete, what are you gonna give up for Lent?”

Each year, at least when he was a kid, he would tell us: “Watermelon and swimming.”

Now, watermelon was easy – it was not in season. Swimming was too. There were no indoor pools near us and none of our parents would even think about bringing us to an indoor pool. Heck, most of them probably did not know they even existed.

So, as you enter Lent, think about what you are going to sacrifice. Maybe you will also do something more – such as prayers.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"questo vescovo fa bene'

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver has threatened to end the services provided by various Catholic charities rather than comply with certain state mandates.

When the Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, the President of the Pontifical Council, was asked about this, he said: "questo vescovo fa bene." Which means that the bishop is doing the right thing.


No beating around the bush, no hemming and hawing, no waffling.

Now, if our own Archbishop and priests would be so bold.

For the full story, go here.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Archbishop’s Appeal 2008 – Why I won’t give and why you shouldn’t too.

I have decided this year not to give to the Archbishop’s Appeal. Now, I did not make this decision lightly but have done so to make a point—that I am unhappy with the leadership of this Archdiocese.

I am unhappy with it for the following reasons (not in any particular order):

- The Maryland Catholic Conference (and of course the Archdiocese) is so worried about the plight of illegal aliens and working with anti-Catholic politicians, that Catholic schools are dying.

- The Archbishop continues to refuse to deny communion (and some speaking engagements) to pro-abortion and pro-homosexual politicians. Even after that
fantastic article (that I have referenced to earlier by Archbishop Burke of St. Louis), our Archbishop continues to show no backbone on this issue.

- The issue of active homosexual priests is one of the key reasons why the Church continues to have not only a pedophile problem but also a problem in orthodoxy. It is my belief that active homosexual priests are more than willing to cover-up for their pedophile brethren and visa versa. The bishops don’t want to see this as a problem and so choose to ignore it. Remember the case of
Fr. Lee that I wrote about on December 11th?

- An earlier query about where the money goes by my good buddy is still unanswered. Why should I give to a charity when I do not know how it is being spent?

Therefore, I have decided to withhold my contribution from this Appeal.

I am not going to take it and spend it on downloadable music, DVDs, video games or a couple of adult beverages.

I am going to take it and donate it directly to a Catholic charity. One in which I know that those who run it are faithful to the teachings of the Church.

When the Archbishop begins to show some moral backbone, then I will once again give.

I urge you to do the same.

It is the only way he will get the message.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Communion in the Hand - The Days May Be Numbered!

For years, we have been told that receiving the Holy Eucharist in the hand is a more adult way. But looking at what people do when they receive it shows that they are no better than children.

I have seen adults pop the Holy Eucharist in their mouths as they were poping a couple M&Ms. Others put it in, and then walk away like it was nothing.

For many, but not all, there is no reverence. And it seems to be getting worse.

In the Catholic Church in the US, with every restriction and tradition dropped -- no kneeling when receiving Communion; no kneeling until the tabernacle is closed; and, no reminding the congregation that the Mass is not over until the final blessing is given, and don't get me started with liturical dance -- there is less and less respect.

Now, there is word that the Vatican may reconsider the option of recieving the Body of Christ in the hand.

I cannot remember ever receiving Communion in the hand and I don't consider it to be a "less adult" way.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Catholic Schools and Their Teachers - A Calling, Not Just a Profession (Part 2)

As I thought about yesterday's blog posting, I realized that I did not talk about the article itself. It is a very positive article.

It is an article that shows the local Catholic schools in the Silver Spring area, as some of the stars in the elementary education field.

It is an article that we can reproduce for dissemination throughout lower Montgomery County and used as a promotional tool.

Hats off the to teachers and administrators profiled.

You have done us proud!


Remember: Help stop the Montgomery Country Transgender Bill. Sign the petition (if you are a registered voter in MoCo.) Click here.