Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Lavendar Mafia is still powerful but we can fight it.

Over the last few days, there have been a number of reports of a special report, only held by the Pope, on the homosexuals within the clergy in Rome. 

On the heels of this, we have a story, published in LifeSite news, that the homosexual underground is alive and well. 

It is important that anyone who comes across information about a priest who is not living a chaste life, should be immediately be reported.  If a priest, deacon or religous who is supporting homosexual unions, should also be report to the Archdiocese for immediate removal.  If that does not work, then take it up the next step -- to the Holy See -- with copies of all documention.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"We can't just do business as usual..."

In an interview with Cardinal Wuerl:

“Whoever is going to hold the see of Peter, whoever is going to sit in Peter’s chair is going to have to see the issues as Blessed John Paul did, as Benedict did, as the synod did, as I think most of the cardinals do, that is: that we are very, very much like the early church in relation to the world around us,” the cardinal said. “Christianity is no longer a dominant culture, secularism is the dominant force in the world of culture. So the Holy Father is going to have to be a person whose focus will be on that.”

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Monday, February 25, 2013

An awful loss, a beautiful life, a daunting task

This is a story about love.  The love of parents for their son.  The love of a son, even though he could not speak, for his parents and those around him. 


Nothing can prepare you for seeing your one-year-old nephew in a casket. Nothing can take away his parents' agony. And nobody could have expected how much good work this helpless baby would do in 14 months.

John Paul Kilner was born with an advanced case of spinal muscular atrophy. Nearly paralyzed at birth, his body deteriorated further as he grew.

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Medical examiner says abortion complications caused Morbelli death

BALTIMORE, February 20, 2013, (Operation Rescue) - The chief medical examiner’s office has released the cause and manner of death for Jennifer Morbelli, the 29-year old kindergarten teacher who died after receiving a 33-week abortion by LeRoy Carhart.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Environmentalist Wackos are at it again...

My colleague over at Restore-DC-Catholicism beat me to it.

The Environmental Committee of the Archdiocese of Washington has come out not only with a new calendar but also a new name.  I guess if you change the branding, you hope that people will forget.  Many will, some won't.

So, in my parish bulletin the environmental wackos are at it again.  Do you think that they would learn...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Woman Dies following Late-Term Abortion at Carhart Clinic

TOperation Rescue and the Maryland Coalition for Life announced that a woman died from complications after undergoing a late-term, 33-week abortion at the hands of the infamous abortionist, LeRoy Carhart, in Germantown, Maryland.

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Boy Scouts: Update...

My friend Melvin2 sent me this from the National Catholic Catholic Committee on Scouting regarding the recent attempts at allowing homosexuals to be Scout leaders.  He has told me that while he agrees with some of it, he does not believe that the issue of funding did not have a role.


7 February 2013

Dear Members of the NCCS, Catholic Scouters & Concerned Parents,

I want to thank all those who prayed, attended mass, sent e-mails, letters and phone calls in regards to the potential policy change by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) on allowing homosexuals in Scout leadership positions. I regret that I was not able to respond to each and every one of you. As I write this, I still have hundreds of unread e-mails. Of the correspondence I did read, they were well written and very passionate in support of one side or the other.

You should know that on February 4th the NCCS key leaders attended the Religious Relationship Task Force Meeting. At that meeting, the BSA Chief Scout Executive, National President and National Commissioner addressed those in attendance. Because of the media and rumors, the perception to most Scouters and concerned parents is that this policy change was due to caving in under pressure and selling out for corporate donations. As the BSA Key 3 explained to us, the reason for this proposed policy change was that their constitutional lawyers informed them that they would probably not win the next case on this issue and that the last case was a 5 to 4 decision, which could have gone the other way. They also informed us that by having this restriction, the BSA has usurped for many years the Chartered Organizations ability to select and approve their own leadership as they see fit and not as the BSA sees fit. 

We also learned that the BSA started addressing this issue last year, but did not bring the major users of the program, faith-based organizations, in on this until a few weeks before the February National Meeting. It is true that BSA has been pressured for years by outside influences but there has been a growing pressure from within to make this change. Even the Task Force, which includes key leaders from the different faith-based organizations that charter Scout units, were divided on this issue. Some of the faith-based organizations would welcome this change. The Task Force did agree on a resolution to ask the BSA National Executive Board to allow more time for its membership to provide their issues and concerns to the BSA leadership before taking a vote on this issue. 

Most of you should know by now that the BSA National Executive Board has postponed making a decision on this issue until the Annual BSA Meeting in May (22–24). The BSA leadership wants to gather more input from the Faith-Based Organizations, other chartering organizations, local Scout Councils and all those who would like to have their voice heard. The BSA leadership will then present their recommendation to the voting members who attend the Annual Meeting for approval or disapproval. 

This delay allows us to continue our efforts in ensuring that the issues and concerns of the NCCS are properly addressed and that your voice is properly represented. I am looking at changing part of the format for our Annual Meeting in April (11-14) to allow working groups to discuss this issue and make recommendations. This is such an important issue that it needs to be discussed in as much detail as possible. 

Many have asked, how can they help or what can they do to make a difference. Here are some suggestions: continue praying on this issue and for us; continue letting your voice be heard at the NCCS, BSA Council & National levels; continue sending e-mails, letters and phone calls to the BSA National leadership and National Executive Board Members. Now that we know it will be up to the voting membership at the Annual BSA Meeting, get with your Council voting members, let them know your issues and concerns, and encourage them to attend the BSA National Meeting. Finally, come to the NCCS Annual Meeting and join in the decision making process so that the NCCS leadership can represent you to the best of our ability. Most of all, be civil in your dealings with those who disagree with your position on this issue. 

Remember that we are in the Scouting program for the sake of our youth and that our needs and wants should be secondary. Remember that we should not punish the youth by not re-chartering or shutting down any Scout units, especially before a decision has been made. Remember that the youth in Scouting should not be used as pawns to be sacrificed by those for or against this policy to try and gain undue leverage in the decision making process. Remember that all Scout age youth should be encouraged to be part of this worthwhile program, so continue to recruit and grow our Catholic units and membership. Remember to let our Catholic faith be our conscience and our guide in all that we say and do. God Bless. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Boys Scouts and the Catholic Church

Statement Regarding 6 February 2013 Announcement from the Boy Scouts of America
“For over 100 years the Boy Scouts of America has provided a wonderful opportunity for boys and young men to develop character and virtue and to exemplify the values of service, community, friendship, leadership, and fundamental duty to God. Young people need supportive formation encouraged by a community of peers and... virtuous leaders. We would hope that the Boy Scouts of America will continue to provide young people a formative experience grounded in virtue and directed by service to God and others. All leaders and organizations that serve young people have a responsibility to protect and foster a life of virtue according to their particular mission. Organizations have a duty to select leaders that model virtues and core values with integrity; Catholic chartered units will continue to provide leaders who promote and live Catholic values. This is a matter of responsibility, not a matter of unjust discrimination which is always wrong and contrary to the inviolable dignity of every human person. The National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) will participate in the Boy Scouts of America’s initiative to listen to its members’ concerns regarding a change in its membership policy. The NCCS will offer input based on Catholic teachings and values.”
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Liaison to the National Catholic Committee on Scouting
Please note, Melvin2 (as opposed to the original Melvin -- who is still alive and well) has been in dicussions with me about this issue.  Over the next week or so, I will be posting Melvin(2)'s thoughts on the subject.