Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Theft at Our Lady of Mercy (Potomac, MD)


It was recently reported in Bethesda Magazine that a theft of money occurred on Monday, April 18th at Our Lady of Mercy in Potomac, MD.

Interesting that this theft was not reported in the parish bulletin.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Latin Mass Update in DC

Fr. Z has a blog posting regarding a TLM announcement at St. Mary Mother of God in Washington, DC.  

Here is the Facebook video link, which Fr. LaRosa spoke of.  You can hear the exact announcement at the 1 hour and 17 min. mark. 

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Will Your Parish Be Attacked on Sunday?


A radical abortion group called “Ruth Sent Us,” named after the former pro-abortion justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, took to Twitter last Tuesday to encourage people across the U.S. to storm their local parish starting on Sunday, May 8 – which is Mother’s Day in the U.S. – as a way to protest a possible overturning of Roe v. Wade by six Supreme Court justices, as was revealed in a leak last Monday.

The protests are anticipated to last all week, from May 8 through 14.

“Whether you’re a ‘Catholic for Choice’, ex-Catholic, of other or no faith, recognize that six extremist Catholics set out to overturn Roe,” the group tweeted. “Stand at or in a local Catholic Church Sunday May 8.”

More at LifeSite News.


Thursday, May 5, 2022

Dorothy's Wizard of OZ dress and CUA


WASHINGTON (CNS) — Dorothy’s refrain, “There’s no place like home,” in “The Wizard of Oz” also could be echoed by her blue and white gingham dress from the 1939 movie.

The dress, which turned up last summer at The Catholic University of America after it was missing for nearly 40 years, is about to get a new home as the university plans to sell it and use the proceeds to help establish the school’s new film acting program.

But now there is a wrinkle in this plan with a lawsuit trying to stop the sale.

For the rest, please go to CNS.


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Maryland Democrats override governor’s veto, enact bill to let non-doctors perform abortions


ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (LifeSiteNews) – Maryland will now spend $3.5 million to train non-doctors to perform abortions, after the state legislature overrode the governor’s veto on a bill to expand abortion access. 

Maryland House Bill 937 removes previous legal limitations that restricted the performing of an abortion to a licensed doctor. The bill provides millions of taxpayer dollars for the training of nurses, mid-wives, and physician assistants in abortion procedures, and requires most private health insurance companies to cover the cost of abortions by removing co-pays.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Franciscans Out, Dominicans In at CUA

 This summer, Catholic University of America (CUA) will replace Fr. Jude (OFM Conv.) with the someone from the Dominican order.  

This is from the Twitter account of Mary Largaret Olohan (@MaryMargOlohan).


Wednesday, March 9, 2022

DC Catholic Schools, Masking & +Gregory's Reluctance

 From the Washington Examiner:

 It was perfectly fine for 20-somethings to go unmasked on a packed dance floor at Cafe Citron. But a 6-year-old sitting at a school desk at Sacred Heart School was considered a public health risk if her face was uncovered.

This has been a long and multistep fight for D.C. Catholic school parents. In the first stage, I was directly involved. We had to lobby the Archdiocese of Washington to repeal its own school mask mandate. Although the archdiocese initially said no, a coordinated campaign of parents convinced the archbishop to move Catholic schools to mask-optional. This freed up children in the Maryland counties included in the Washington Archdiocese, but it left D.C. Catholic schools under the thumb of Bowser.  

 To read it all, go here.  

Sunday, March 6, 2022

+Gregory and Biden - An Ash Wednesday Experience

It seems that on Ash Wednesday, +Gregory gave Biden ashes at The White House. 

According to the Catholic Standard:

Earlier that Ash Wednesday morning, Cardinal Gregory had made a brief pastoral visit to the White House. Knowing the challenges of the president attending an Ash Wednesday Mass at a local Catholic church during a time of heightened security, the cardinal offered to come to the White House and administer ashes to the president, who is Catholic and regularly attends Mass. 

Now, you note a couple of things:

1.  Biden is a Catholic.  No mention of his stance on abortion and how he is in direct opposition to the Church.

2.  There was no mention of +Gregory having a discussion with him on his stance on abortion, nor any mention of him speaking with Biden on that end.   Something that the Cardinal stated he would do, when Biden was elected. 

3.  Did the Cardinal have to do it?  Why couldn't one of he many priests in the diocese go, such as those stationed at St. Stephen's or St. Matthew's?   Could it be for the publicity?

4.  The article leaves out the fact that EWTN asked about the ashes and then about Biden's stance on abortion.  Biden stated that he did not want to get into a discussion of moral theology, before he was pulled away by Jill Biden. 

Once again, +Gregory does not fail to disappoint.  

TLM Upate in the Archdiocese of Washington


It seems that +Gregory has established a committee, made up of either four or six members, to review The Latin Mass in the Archdiocese in relation to the Pope's restrictions. 

Seems that some of the members, who have been appointed to this committee, are not anti-Latin Mass.  Which is a good thing.

I am not certain when this committee was formed.

No word on when they are they are expected to make recommendations.

 Will keep you posted.  

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Archdiocese of Washington Catholic School Mask Mandate Update

According to the Washington Examiner:

Catholic school children in the Maryland suburbs will be able to show their faces in school for the first time in 23 months.

The Archdiocese of Washington has lifted its mask mandate, according to multiple sources who were on phone calls this morning with the archdiocese. 

Catholic schools in the District of Columbia, however, are still forced to require masks indefinitely by the order of Mayor Muriel Bowser, who lifted the mask mandate effective March 1 for adults in nightclubs or theaters, but not for children in public or private schools.


To read the complete story, go here.   

Sunday, January 30, 2022

2022 Appeal is Underway

The 2020 Appeal is now underway and hopes to raise $11.3 million.  However, let's take a look back a bit.

The financial goal for the 2021 Annual Appeal was $11.9 million.  The amount raised was $10.3 million from just over 20,000.

 The 2020 Annual Appeal brought in $10.4 million from over 33,000 donors. 

Although the amount raised was almost as much as the year before, there were approximately 10,000 fewer contributors or 33%.  As I pointed out in previous blog posts, this has been the trend over the last few years.  


Monday, January 17, 2022

Msgr. Pope on Traditionis Custodes

As a pastor of souls, I cannot find words to express the hurt and anger (righteous, I pray) I experience over the treatment of Catholics who are attached to the older forms of the liturgy and the sacraments. I have not seen such language or harshness directed against any other group, in or out of the Church. The tone is singular and shocking. Those who love the Traditional Latin Mass are my brothers and sisters in the Lord and I have long admired their tenacity and orthodoxy. Many of them have large families and take the faith very seriously. For them, Catholicism is not only a faith, but also a culture both ancient and new. They are up for the battle of living the faith in an increasingly secular world. They are not a particularly large segment of the Church in the United States, but they are one of the few segments of the Church that is growing and flourishing. They love the faith and the Mass, and I grieve that they are being treated so brusquely and harshly. 


To read more, go to National Catholic Register.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Poets & Busboys Discriminates Against Pro-Life Democrats



A restaurant chain’s Washington, DC, location has refused to honor an event it scheduled with a group’s “March for Life Breakfast’ because the organization espouses pro-life views.

The K Street location of Busboys and Poets notified Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) on January 11 it would not be honoring the group’s reservation for its event that coincides with the annual March for Life on the National Mall January 21.

To read it all, go to Breitbart News.