Thursday, May 1, 2008

Archbishop Wuerl Weasels Out

As many of you know, Cardinal Egan (Archdiocese of NY) has publicly admonished Rudy Guliani for receiving communion during the Pope's visit. This has of course put some of the members of our hierarchy in a bit of an embarrassing situation, like our own Archbishop Wuerl.

During the Pope's visit to Washington DC, US Senators Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd and John Kerry all received Communion at National Stadium. (There are photos circulating the web of Dodd and Kerry receiving Communion. I have not seen one of Sen. Pelosi, so if you know of one, please let me know.)

According to an article in the NYTimes:

The Archdiocese of Washington also issued a statement on Monday. It said that Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl had consistently and persistently presented the Church's clear teaching on the evil of abortion and the need for those in public office to recognize that the support of abortion is wrong.

How to respond to those in public office who support abortion legislation is open to various legitimate pastoral approaches, as the United States bishops affirmed in their June 2004 statement on Catholics in political life, the statement said. The decision concerning the refusal of holy communion to an individual can best be made by the bishop in the person's home diocese with whom he or she presumably is in conversation.

I am just dumbfounded by this statement. This is unbelievable. This just boggles the mind.

What Archbishop Wuerl has just said was that: "You can only be denied Holy Communion by the bishop where you reside, since they know you best."

No matter what you have said on the issue, no matter how you have voted on the issue, no matter how many fundraisers and how much money you have donated to supporting abortion, unless your bishop takes action, no other bishop can do anything about it.

This is the same argument made by those who say: "You can't talk about abortion, if you are not a woman." or "You can't talk about supporting the War in Iraq, if you have not served in the military."

What the Archbishop has just done, and will be picked up by pro-abortion politicians and others all around the world, is to reduce the authority of the church to speak on these issues and have Catholics listen, just another notch.

Can you see the conversation now:

Archbishop Wuerl: Abortion is evil. As a Catholic, you should not support additional funding for it.

Pro-Abortion Politician: Well, that is all well and good but since you are not the bishop of my diocese, it does not matter what you say. I only have to listen to the views of Bishop X in this matter. Since he has not said anything on it, I am free to support increased spending on abortion.

What a disaster this is.

No wonder why many Catholics in this Diocese have lost total confidence in the Archbishop's leadership.

He has not only failed us, but the entire Church!


NB: There are those of you who may think that using the term "weasels out" is too derogatory. I am using it since it was a term both he and I would recognize immediately, since it was used when both of us were kids. If you do not like it, then I suggest you may substitute other titles, such as "Archbishop Wuerl Cops-Out" "Archbishop Wuerl Pulls a Pontius Pilate" "Archbishop Wuerl Has No Backbone."


Dymphna said...

I'm not shocked. I didn't expect much from Archbishop Wuerl in the first place but I'd like to give Cardinal Egan a big pat on the back. He may not be cuddly, and his priests may not feel warm and fuzzy about him but when faced with public scandal he stepped up and did what a bishop is supposed to do. And who knows this public rebuke may get through to Giulliani.

Anonymous said...

It must be said: Abp. Wuerl is a liar. No bishop in the world is so totally ignorant of Canon Law as Wuerl would have to be in order to make the series of misleading statements he has made on this issue.

Every single point that Wuerl repeats has been dealt with, exhaustively, by Abp. Burke in his famous article of 2007.

Just one point shows Wuerl's DISHONESTY: In 2004, Burke announced that John Kerry would not be permitted to receive Communion in St. Louis. Burke is THE pre-eminent Canonist in the United States. If Wuerl were telling the truth about Canon Law, then Burke would be guilty of a massive blunder in announcing that Kerry--not a resident of Burke's diocese--would be refused Communion in St. Louis.

Do not look to Canon Law, or history, or moral theology for ANY justification for Wuerl's position. There is none. There is NO rational, honorable explanation for Wuerl's behavior or statements.

The ONLY plausible explanation for Wuerl's position lies in his personal fear of crossing the politically powerful. Wuerl is either covertly pro-abortion, or he fears some dire consequence for himself, should the pro-abortion Catholics be too gravely displeased with him.

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Wuerl is an adroit liar. He has been taking credit for the Catechism 'The Teachings of the Church' as its author when in reality, Father John A. Hardon S.J wrote the catechism and asked "Father Wuerl" to edit his catechism when Father Wuerl was secretary for John Cardinal Wright, the Prefect for the congregation of the Clergy in the Vatican. Father Wuerl not only edited the catechism, but had it published in his name because he knew that the humble Jesuit priest, Fr. Hardon didn't like scandal and wouldn't sue him.
Wuerl also was an investigator for the seminaries in the Vatican and reported to Rome that the seminaries were healthy and sound. He lied. The Holy Father had to have another investigation of the seminaries in the USA because of Wuerl's lies. He also over-reacted with the sex accusations of priests especially singling one priest out in particular because the priest went to the Vatican and reported Wuerl's lies, harassment and abuse, but Wuerl won over the priest because he has a lot of money and friends in the Vatican and Wuerl was able to overturn the Signatura's favorable decision of the Signatura. Wuerl told the Signatura that the legal case was still pending when in fact, it was over. Wuerl paid the plantiff to get rid of the case because the accuser accused 9 priests and 14 seminarians of sexual misconduct and said that homosexuality and sodomy was rampant at St.Paul's Seminary in Crafton Pittsburgh, PA.
Wuerl waants all honor and glory for himself. He is a Liar working for the Father of Lies, SATAN.


Thank you for you note.

You have made some very serious statements concerning possible plagiarism by the Archbishop, as well as, the a much more serious allegation regarding falsifying information to the Holy Father.

I have no way of either verifying or denying them. If you have any information by which we can verify this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Please, check out Archbishop Wuerl Reign of Terror on the internet and you will see that he shouldn't even be a priest let alone a bishop, as a matter of fact he should be in jail. He is a liar and wants only praisworthy exposure of himself. Wuerl was accused of Moral Turpitude which Fr. John A. Hardon, tried to get the accusation released, but this could not be released without a judge.He has got away with a lot in the Church because he has influence in the Vatican since, he worked as secretary under Cardinal John Wright who was prefect of the Office of Clergy. Older priests in Pittsburgh Diocese knew that Wright was a homosexual and as they say, 'he took his fair head boy , Donald Wuerl with him to the Vatican. Wuerl came out stong at the Dallas American Bishops Conference with ZERO TOLERANCE. But he only became stern when it was discovered that he was protecting 3 priests in his chancery of pedophilia He had Cardinal Ratzinger forced lacized one priest who was accused of molestation by a young man who entererd St, Paul's Diocean Seminary. Incidently,the young man that entered the seminary had D's and F's on his report card. How was he allowed to enter the Diocesan Seminary? This young man also accused Wuerl , 9 priests and 14 seminarians. The fact remains, that if it is true what this young man said about the priest that Wuerl had forced into the lay state, then is it not also true what the young man said about Wuerl, 9 other priests and seminarians. Wuerl of course, did not want the case to go to court and settled out of court by paying the accuser on the very day of jury selection without letting the accused priest's lawyer know that he settled out of court. The priest became totally distraught and lost faith in the hierachy of the Catholic Church and its unjust and unfair system of protecting bishops and taking the bishops word, right or wrong.
The seminarian making the accusations said that Wuerl would swim nude in the seminary swimming pool and chase everybody out when he wanted to use the pool. Many people in the Pittsburgh area know the young man who is an admitted homosexual. He said that the seminarians called Wuerl 'Donna girl'. He said that that was Wuerl's nick name in the seminary and among the Dignity Gay Group in Pittsburgh. He said that the seminarians knew that Wuerrl had a gay lover that several seminarians saw come out of his apartment in the seminary. The diocesan vocation director Fr. Robert left the priesthood.

Anonymous said...

Wuerl is a Liar of the First Class and a coward. He will not refuse to give Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry Holy Communion who both are pro choice politicians and Roman Catholic. Wherl should be demoted for not upholding the canonan law of the Catholic Church. He wants to appease the politicians, but not our Lord. He is a shrewd actor and doesn't follow canonical procedure. He suffers from being a maglomanic. Please, Holy Father put him in a monastery to do penance for misleading the faithful.

Anonymous said...

Wuerl, Destroyer of the Catholic Church. Archbishop Wuerl, the former Bishop Donald W. Wuerl of Pittsburgh sold 118 churches in the Pittsburgh Diocese. Hundreds of Catholic people pleaded to save their churches, but Wuerl would simply say. 'I'm the Bishop' and by his authority sold many beautiful and usable churches. One Churh, St John the Baptist Church in Larenceville, a suburb of Pittsburgh was sold to a Restaurant Brewary with altar, confessionsl etc. in the church. St. Johm thr Baptisty was sold to a resturant brewary that is named The Church Brewary. The parisneers appealed to Rome, but nothing was done about the selling of this Church. Another Church that Wuerl sold was Saint Philomena's in Squerril Hill,he sold to the jewish community to use as a theater. Incidently, St. Philomena in Pittsburgh was the first churh in the USA named after St. Philomena, Saint John Newman was its first pastor. Parishneers were crying in the streets when Wuerl sold their Church. Wuerl has no sense of the sacred or of history of the importance of this church. All Wuerl knows and wants is Power, Prestige and Money. He sold Most Holy Name of Jesus Church, McKewesport to the Baptists. This church was disignated as a shrine, by the late Bishop Vincent M. Leonard, but Wuerl denied that it was ever a shrine and sold this church to the baptists. He sold acres of ground to the Masons in North Side Catholic Cemetary so that the Masons could build a new lodge right in the center of the cemetary on consecrated ground.

Anonymous said...

Does Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl really know how to speak Spanish???
Does he really speak French as indicated by his Press writer, Anne Rodgers of the Post Gazette in Pittsburgh who idolized him. When did he all of a sudden learn the Spanish language? Ms. Rodgers gave him a 'Red Hat' making him a cardinal and once wrote an article about Wuerl called "Cardinal Virtues", to Ms. Rodgers Wuerl could do nothing wrong, to her, he is totally impeccable. Wuerl really thinks he's the Pope, if not God. wow,Washington DC now has the First American POPE, Pope Donald I. What further damage will Wuerly do in Washington, DC to start his 'American Church'?

Patrick Anthony Pontillo said...

The Catholic world needs to know that the publicity which called Donald Wuerl "one of the good guys" consisted in numerous omissions of pertinent fact and pivotally placed falsehoods. In 2002, Wuerl was presented as a lionlike guardian. The press made it appear as if he had a clean record on the matter of clergy abuse cover-ups. He did not. The facts on Donald Wuerl go as follows:

In late 1988, Donald Wuerl became the second bishop showcased in what would become America's long-term cover-up scandal. In fact, he was the first bishop in the history of the United States to get caught performing a triple cover-up.

For the record, the three criminal priests were named Wolk, Zula, and Pucci. One of them was an assistant chancellor.

The discovery of Wuerl's cover-up occurred during his ninth month as Bishop of Pittsburgh. Therefore, Wuerl had a dirty record from the start. In fact, the investigating D.A. accused Wuerl and his diocesan personnel of stonewalling the investigation. In other words, he politely accused Wuerl's people of obstructing justice. This meant that Wuerl had already worn out his welcome.

This furthermore meant that Wuerl was a few steps away from obstruction of justice charges and/or numerous warrants & supoenas, if he were ever to let a cover-up happen again. It happened again, in 1992, concerning a Fr. Richard Dorsch who was given diocesan quarters by a Donald Wuerl who knew of the accusations against him.

Wuerl had now expended his Get Out of Jail Free card. This is why he appealed the Vatican's ruling on the Cippola case. If Wuerl were to have reinstated a priest who had sexual abuse allegations publicly attached to him, then warrants and supoenas would have rained down on Wuerl's diocese. This would have resulted in the unveiling of every secret that Wuerl and his diocese had been keeping.


In addition, in 1989, Wuerl would ordain a man who would come to be Wuerl's personal secretary, as well as a homosexual predator.
In fact, this priest became a predator in less than one year after his ordination. Moreover, during the year when Wuerl was being called one of the "good guys, a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari was filed at the U.S. Supreme Court, concerning, in Part, the cover-up and retaliation involving Wuerl's former personal secretary. This was in the Year 2002.

For the record, the homosexual antics of Wuerl's secretary continued into 1997, and the retaliations that ensued after this priest was reported to Wuerl occurred in 1998 and 1999.

Also in the Year 2002, it was found that Wuerl had been allowing "several" priests attached to credible sex abuse allegations to remain in active ministry. Wuerl only removed the priests after the media exposed the corruption of America's Catholic hierarchy. If not for the media, Wuerl would have kept those priests in active ministry.

During the following year, in 2003, a Pittsburgh priest, named Krawczyk, was arrested and indicted. Wuerl knew of the allegations against him, yet this priest remained in contact with youths, one of whom died while intoxicated, having been supplied the intoxicants by Father Krawczyk.

There is much more that can be said of Wuerl, none of which is good. The point to make here is that the most corrupt bishop is the one who orchestrates the most fanfare in praise of him. This basking in fanfare showed Wuerl to be void of humility. The church in America, for its protection, needs to be warned of Wuerl's track record and his modus operandi.

For more one Wuerl, see:

Patrick Anthony Pontillo said...

A correction needs to be made, concerning Atlantic America's April 29 comment. It was said that the the priest arrested in 1992, while Wuerl was providing him with cover-up benefits, was named Richard Dorsch. The priest arrested in 1992 was Father Edward Huff. Richard Dorsch was the Pittsburgh priest arrested in 1994.

Patrick Anthony Pontillo said...

Let's take this a step further. Go back to Wuerl's Triple Cover-up. When it came time to execute the arrest warrant on Father Richard Zula, nobody knew where he was --- unless, of course, the Diocese of Pittsburgh knew where he was, and wasn't telling law enforcement officials. Yet, Zula was the one nicknamed "Sade," as in the Marquis de Sade, and he had 140 counts against him. A plea bargain resulted in 138 of those counts being dropped.

Zula was also convicted for criminal actions committed in a county east of the one where Pittsburgh is located. It is a county where a popular ski resort is located -- a ski resort visited by Zula.

Now advance to the Edward Huff case. In February 1992, two families, days apart, reported Huff to Wuerl. Wuerl responded by doing the exact thing that Cardinal Law repeatedly did in Boston. Huff was sent to a psychiatric clinic (St. Michael's in St. Louis.) He was then given a positive 'residual functional capacity' bill of health. Wuerl then assigned Huff as a chaplain, giving him living quarters in downtown Pittsburgh, in November 1992.

By December 1992, parishioners from Huff's parish sent Wuerl a letter, informing him that Huff was a molestor. This was the third time Huff was reported. At this point, Wuerl knew that the cat was out of the bag. There were enough people who knew of Huff's transgressions that at least one of them would inform the police if Wuerl's diocese did not do so. This is when Wuerl's Get Out of Jail Free Card expired. However, Wuerl did NOT immediately report Huff. He sent Huff back to St. Louis, despite the partially positive bill of health given to Huff by St. Michael's. It was not until March 18, 1993, that the Diocese of Pittsburgh reported Huff to law enforcement authorities. By that time, Huff officially offered his resignation from diocesan ministry.

Take note on how Wuerl sought to manipulate time lines, in order to look blameless and diligent --- in order to cover the fact that he failed at yet another cover-up attempt.

Concerning Wuerl's former personal secretary and the civil action that he partially triggered, the 2002 Petition for a Writ of Certiorari filed at the Supreme Court was numbered 01-10392. The case to which it is attached is 537 U.S. 843. There were three supplemental briefs also filed at the clerk of court's office. It is assumed that a copy of the petition can be obtained at the Library of Congress Photoduplication Division.

When the case was on the docket of a federal district court, Wuerl's former personal secretary was ever so coincidentally stationed in Rome, to further his education. When the case was dismissed from federal court, for lack of jurisdiction, he came back to America. Wuerl eventually assigned him to be the pastor of a parish in Carrick, Pennsylvania.

Now refer to the May, 5 2008 comment left by an anonymous writer. It is the one where he/she
was asked to give verification of his/her allegations:

Firstly, Wuerl is NOT the sole author (or plagiarist) of the Teachings of Christ. He was one of the co-editors of it. Furthermore, all catechism books must be constructed according to the same table of content format. The contents of a catechism book are public domain. This is why all catechism books look alike.

None the less, the common man is easily deceived into thinking that Wuerl single-handedly wrote the Teachings of Christ, being that Wuerl never elects to clarify things. He only elects to manipulate things through slight of hand wording. Language to Wuerl is a pea & shell game. He spent decades waving that book like a flag, as if he wrote it from scratch.

In addition, there is one doctrinal assertion in the Teachings of Christ which found its way in other catechism books and which has finally been designated for removal by the Vatican. That is to say, there is at least one heresy (or assertion that was misworded to the point of being doctrinal error) in the Teachings of Christ.

Continuing with the May 5th comment:

Yes, Wuerl was a pivotal part of the original seminary visitations (inspections), and he did announce that the seminaries in America were solidly healthy. Needless to say, The Bollard lawsuit, along with the revelations posted in Goodbye to Good Men, proved that Wuerl was either grossly mistaken or intentionally deceitful. Ironically, Wuerl was part of the second seminary visitation program, and he once again insisted that the seminaries were solid and healthy.


The 'singled out' priest to which the May 5th commentator referred is Anthony Cipolla. Wuerl's standing for validly appealing to the Signatura was the emergence of newly acquired evidence involving the 1978 allegation of sexual abuse, made against Cipolla. That allegation involved a nine year old boy, and it included a police report. In brevity, the allegation was that Cipolla committed molestation under the guise of a medical exam. The police report did mention that a stethoscope, blood pressure gauge, and thermometer was found in the nine year old boy's room.

Wuerl originally declared the Tim Bendig allegations to be NOT credible. It is true that Bendig accused far more people of misconduct than Anthony Cipolla. Bendig was in the Pittsburgh seminary. He did not excel in his studies. He did not graduate.

Patrick Anthony Pontillo said...

Concerning the preceding text, take note that it refers to the August 9th comment and not the May 5th one. A person needs to know beforehand that the date of a comment is posted after the comment's text in this blogspot format. This isn't expected, being that the date of a post is placed directly above the title of the post. The quicker you try to submit a comment, the longer it takes to do it correctly.

Anonymous said...

The bishop who lived by bully tactics and intimidation techniques (while in Pittsburgh) turned out to not be the tough guy, after all. Rather, he proved himself to be the most gutless coward of them all. Predictable.

Wuerl is pretending to be the second coming of Father Knows Best, but the facade is nothing more than another insult to the Catholic intelligence. We are the faith of Thomas Aquinas, Bonaventure, and Francis de Sales, as well as Nicolaus Copernicus, Antoin Lavoisier, Gregor Mendel, André Ampere, and Louis Pasteur. Why does Wuerl think that Catholics are so stupid as to believe him?

Wuerl fooled no one in Pittsburgh during the early years. In later years, he simply hid facts and enjoyed the benefit of a propaganda machine. In instances where the facts were not hidden, Wuerl simply got his way by strong arm tactics and conveniently dipositioned judges, in the many lawsuits filed against him. Pittsburghers figured that they had been overrun by a one-man pestilence early in the game. In those days, Wuerl was called Whirly Bird, because no one knew what to expect of him from one moment to the next. Late in the game, Pittsburghers actually thought that Wuerl had a clean sexual abuse record, being that 13 and a half years was enough time for people to forget that Wuerl was the first bishop, probably in the Western Hemisphere, to be caught performing a three-way cover-up.

Another point to make is this: Wuerl is supposed to be this quintessential teacher of the faith. Well, great teachers are so impactful that one or two of their statements get quoted for years. For example, Fulton Sheen once wrote, "Where there is sin there is division and multiplicity. 'I am Legion. We are many.' " Mother Theresa was repeatedly quoted as having said, "Give until it hurts." I have never heard anyone quote any one-liner that came from Wuerl. Wuerl is basically perceived as a windbag.

Now, what does Wuerl fear, in his refusal to defend Christ in the Eucharist? It's obvious.

1] The possible loss of the church's tax exempt status. (Quite frankly, who cares?)

2] The possible loss of profit-bearing, taxpayer-funded government contract social service work,
deceptively called "Faith Based Initiatives."

LBJ is the one who got passed the law that revokes the tax exempt status of any religion that publicly supports or opposes a congressional or presidential candidate. If Wuerl were to do his duty, in preventing Christ from being received sacrilegiously by a house speaker committed to one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance, then maybe, just maybe, someone will manipulate a way to have that act of conscience construed as public opposition to a congressional candidate. Of course, Wuerl is not known to have a conscience, so an act of conscience is not in his itinerary.

More probable is the possibility that congress will stop appropiating tax dollars to religions. You do know, I hope, that the things which Wuerl called charities were nothing more than taxpayer funded welfare programs (and the such) which enabled Wuerl's diocese to retain some of the taxpayer dollars as profit. There is no charity when it comes to Wuerl, unless he is getting dozens of people to scurry about, collecting money for the victims of a publicized natural disaster. To Wuerl, such fundraising is a photo op, as he gets his face in the newspapers for holding money that thousands of other people gave.

With Donald Wuerl there is no sign of a conscience, and with Wuerl there is no sign of faith in the providence of a Christ who said, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be provided for you." Donald Wuerl only wants the things, as well as inordinate amounts of public praise. He only thinks of the taxpayer-funded income, as well as the tax exempt status factor.

You know, a person assumes that others are like him/her. Wuerl was the personification of retaliation and thuggery in Pittsburgh. Therefore, he probably assumes that congressional leaders will be as vicious to him as he was to others. Wuerl has never shown that he can take what he has dished out.

Canon Law states that the center of Catholicism is the Eucharist. The way you regard the consecrated host is the way you regard Catholicism and individual Catholics. Wuerl has repeatedly shown that he has no consideration for Christ in the Eucharist. Well, he has no consideration for me, and he has no consideration for you, unless you have money, or a newspaper, or a television show, or some type of political influence, or an approved application in a welfare program that can make money for a 'Faith Based Initiative.'
In order to have a Faith Based Initiative, it would seem that you first have to have faith. That never stopped Wuerl. Ironic, isn't it? According to Wuerl, you have to give up the Faith for the sake of the Faith, and stop practicing it whenever it becomes inconvenient to do so. Wuerl's appointment to the episcopacy (to a bishop's post) has been a very cruel trick played on us all.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Cipolla was never arrested or arrained in 1978 when a 9 yr old boy's mother allegedly accused Father Cipolla. Also a stenthescope and theomoter was never found in the 9yr old boy's room. Father Cipllla gave a blood pressure device that to the police that he had. The boy was confusing a medical exam with a physical exam. The woman withdrew her charges at the magestrates office. THis however, was not new evidence, that Wuerl presented to the Vatican, it was old information that he knew about and had. It was resurrected in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in 1988 when Tim Bendig was accusing Fr. Cipolla. There was no substance to the allegation and the Distric Attorney's office attested to this fact. Wuer was grasping at straws because he needed something to destroy Father Ci[polla from active ministry and cover up for his own deviate lyfestyle and the fact, that he was covering up for three diocesan priests, one of whom was his own secretary. The saying was at St. Paul's Seminary in Pittsburgh that you couldn't make it unless you had a twrill with Wuerl.

Patrick Anthony Pontillo said...

This particular post was ranked high on the Google search engine for weeks, when using the keywords, Donald Wuerl --- or even to the keyword, Wuerl. Today however, a few days after the May 30th comment had been added to it, this is no longer the case. The May 30th comment, it appears, is a credibility destroyer. Even the inordinately high number of mispellings and typos shows that the writer is NOT a credible source. Thus, the entire post gets treated as worthless.

Concerning the May 30th comment, anyone in the Pittsburgh inner-circle can reasonably identifiy who the writer is, though not with 100% certainty. At the very least, that comment closely resembles the writings of a woman named Helen who claimed that the Diocese of Kalamazoo Michigan murdered her mother a year ago, who claimed that the Diocese of Pittsburgh murdered her father a couple of decades ago, and who claimed that yet another diocese kidnapped her son for the purposes of providing a molester priest with a sex toy. In fact, the same lady claimed that two men snuck into her apartment, took all the frozen vegetables out of her freezer, and then exited the apartment. The name of one of the men who alleged did this was that of a parole officer. However, she claimed that the man was an electrician by trade.

The same lady, in her emails, goes on to mention that she has entirely too much laundry to do and that she would only be able to help the cause if she would be hired as a investigative reporter and given an office. The annoying vexation of that particular lady is that she poses as an insider, claiming to have been an employee of the diocese. From what can be gathered about her, at the very most, she might have been a lunch lady at one of the Pittsburgh area Catholic schools. Not even that can be proven, being that she never provider a clear resume.

No matter who the author of the May 30th post is, it brought up one things that needs to be addressed --- Cipolla's faithful followers. That will be done in a seperate comment --- to be sent immediately after this one.

Patrick Anthony Pontillo said...

Father Anthony Cipolla had a faithful following of people who assumed that he was literally a saint. Cipolla's claim to fame was that of allegedly meeting Padre Pio as a young lad. According to Cipolla, he asked the saint if he were going to become a priest. Padre Pio said something to the effect: "Yes, you will become a priest, but you will have much to suffer. So ... courage, courage, courage." Because of this claim, Cippola was regarded as someone meant to carry Padre Pio's torch.

The evidence concerning the 1978 case was NEW to the Vatican at the Signatura level. At the Rota level, Wuerl tried to get Cipolla defrocked by means of a psychiatric clinic's assessment of Cipolla. The Rota found the assessment to be too subjective, thereby ordering Cipolla to be reinstated. Wuerl did not reveal to the Rota the existence of the 1978 case. The reason why he concealed it is up for any logical conjecture. Yes, Wuerl had a lot to hide, but declining the disclose the 1978 case to the Vatican might have been the result of a botched legal strategy.

All in all, the bottom line on the Cipolla case (at the Vatican Signatura level) is this:

The newspapers lied in claiming that it was a rare "once in a lifetime" reversal, as Donald Wuerl was made out to be the character of a Dan Brown novel fighting the "irrational" Vatican. The case was standard operating procedure. No blind monk was chasing Wuerl around Vatican City with a dagger. No secret society member burned Wuerl's court briefs. No backstreet gun battle ensued. The specific standard operating procedure that Wuerl filed was called:

A Petition for the Nullification of a Decision of the Rota that has Already Become Res Judicata.

Incidentally, I have NEVER heard the expression, "A Twirl with Wuerl." I have never heard Wuerl called, "Donna Girl." I only heard aggrieved people call him Whirly Bird and Uncle Donny. Nine times out of ten, people aggrieved by Wuerl simply called him, "the bishop."

Anonymous said...

Wuerl is no Hero. He didn't even have a good reputation when he was in Rome. The saying in Rome was that there wasn't a sailor boy safe as long as Wuerl was there. He served as Cardinal John Wright's secretary. Wright was a homosexual and took his fair haired boy 'Wuerl' to Rome with him. He only became a bishop because of Cardinal John Wright.

Patrick Anthony Pontillo said...

I see that my previous comment made me look like a Wuerl defender. No. Not me. Wuerl needs to be removed from office and held accountable for the damage that he inflicted on specific people, as well as on the church in general. The thing is that there is so much hard copy evidence against Wuerl that the previously mentioned Helen, with her blatantly false claims, serves the side of the Wuerlites.

Concerning the June 4th comment, it is, generally speaking, common knowledge amongst the previously mentioned inner circle. The "Sailor Boy" comment I have never heard --- perhaps because I have never been in Rome. However, the phrase with which I am familiar is: "Wright's Boy Toy."

None the less, it is Wuerl's wrongs performed as bishop and administrator that carries the weight in showing that he never should have been appointed to any post anywhere.

The big question is why Benedict (the German) did not remove Wuerl (the German-American) from office, being that he knew of Wuerl's former personal secretary and similar other things. More importantly, why did a former Hitler Youth assign to the United States capitol a bishop with German DNA? Did Benedict realize how Hitleresque that was going look? It appears that someone did not throw away all of his Swastikas after the war.

Anonymous said...

Appropriate comment for the eve of the anniversary of the D-day Invasion.

Patrick Anthony Pontillo said...

The only thing that made the Cipolla case unique was that it was basically a double appeal. Actually, it was like little kids saying, "Do Over!"

Cipolla appealed to the Apostolic Signatura first, and Wuerl appealed second. Why Wuerl didn't include the 1978 molestation case was somewhat apparent. St. Luke's (the psychiatric clinic in Silver Springs that analyzed Cipolla) recommended a prolonged hospital stay for him. That recommendation seemed like a slam dunk for Wuerl. HOWEVER ... The Signatura stated that Cipolla was "denied a fair judgment," because:

St. Luke's was being operated by an out-of-the-closet homosexual whose judgment
"was based on a mixed doctrine of Freudian pan-sexualism and behaviorism."

To say that the judgment was too subjective was an understatement. The Signatura specifically stated that St. Luke's was "surely not a suitable institution to judge rightly about the beliefs and lifestyle of a Catholic priest." The question is why Wuerl didn't pile on and include all the available evidence against Cipolla in one shot.

By the way, from the ordinary teaching authority of the church came the condemnation of "Behaviorial modification by means of psychotropics drugs." So, when a church document mentions Behaviorism, it is referring to something that it regards as Orwellian, if not Draconian --- well, "medically unethical."

The Cipolla case was definitely exaggerated to the point of making Wuerl look like Beowulf. The whole reversal was based on Wuerl's miscalculation, in the first place. To this day, it is not certain if the transpirations at the signatura level were a result of bumbling buffoonery or slithering snakiness. The goal was to make sure that Cipolla did not get reinstated, because John C. Pettit, (one of the Southwestern Pennsylvanian D.A.'s) was poised to orchestrate a massive investigation on Wuerl. Such a thing always includes rummaging through filing cabinets and diocesan personnel memory banks.

Patrick Anthony Pontillo said...

I read your June 3rd post, Mr. D.C., and yes, you have A LOT of allegations to sift through. You literally need a checklist. However, don't base your discernment on the "buzz on the Internet." Go straight to historic sources. This would include the newspapers. You can get mislead by the Internet buzz via 1] the Wuerlite Propagandists, 2] the Cipollan Die Hards, 3] well meaning people who got some of the facts wrong. (Even I posted wrong dates twice.)

In order to help streamline your quest of finding the truth, I've posted newspaper links to Wuerl's triple cover-up. All one needs to do is copy and paste them. Keep in mind that the triple cover-up was reported by the New York Times, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the San Antonio Times, and the St. Petersburg Times, as well as the Post Gazette. 1988 and 1989 were the years when the arrests, arraignments, plea bargaining, motions, rulings on motions, and trials occurred. Then there are the court documents concerning the triple cover-up, as well as those pertaining to Edward Huff, Wuerl's former personal secretary, Henry Krawczyk, and even John Wellinger.

Also keep in mind that, in 1988, Wuerl was simultaneously performing a fourth cover-up with John Hoehl of Quigley High School (Baden, PA.) Anthony Bevilacqua suspended Hoehl and put him in moth balls. Wuerl took Hoehl out of moth balls and made him the chaplain of Shadyside Hospital. Next door to Shadyside is Oakland, Pennsylvania. This is where Pitt and Carnegie Mellon is located, with Carlow College being nearby. When the warrants for Zula's and Pucci's arrests were executed, Wuerl got spooked and told Hoehl that he would be receiving no further assignments. If the final two of the three arrests did not transpire, Wuerl would have keep Hoehl at Shadyside.

One more thing about the temporary cover-up of Hoehl. His last alleged molestation was 1985. He was being covered-up long enough to have the statute of limitations expire. Let's go one step further. Father Pucci's case was dismissed, solely because the statute of limitations expired on him. Zula and Wolk were not as fortunate.

Here are the newspaper links to help your discernment:,3979622,3979622,2946408

The article posted below shows that Wuerl tried to weasel out of his triple cover-up, taking no responsibility for his actions and inactions. Wuerl has been a weasel-outer for over two decades.

Anonymous said...

Let's put the blame where it truly is of promoting bishops like Wuerl, who is dishonest, deceitful and a gay. The Holy is at fault. It seems the Vatican writes off problems as The American Problem and they let the bishops handle problems in their own way and to their on advantage and that's why Wuerly Bird gets away with so much.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is non other than the Rev. Anthony Cipolla. I can tell by the litany of accusations (and language used) that it is him, tearing down others to cover up his years of child molesting. While Cardinal Wuerl is certainly not a Godly man and is only interested in himself, this does not exonerate Cipolla. Cipolla has only survived all these years because he preys on the wealthy and vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

Fr, Cipolla was never arrested, arraigned, tried or convicted. These were all lies to protect Wuerl from covering up for Cardinal Wright who was a molester and other priests, No, Wuerl didn;t want the Cipolla case to go to trial because everything about Wuerl would be disclosed.
Bishop Dnald W, Wuerl is a homosexual who the seminarians and gay community of Pittsburgh called, "DONNA GIRL". Wuerl used Father Cipolla as the Fall Guy to put the lime light on Cipolla and off of himself. Anyone who writes or says anything negative about Fr, Ciplolla just don't knpw him as the concerned priest he is, reaching out to help everyone, including Bendig, who Father Cipolla told people ay his Padre Pio Prayer Group, at St Mary Mercy Church not to send money to Beddig at the seminary because he was causing a lot of trouble with his lies and sexual encounters with seminarians as the seminarians testify in depositions. He was told to leave the seminary. If the above writer is looking for truth. You better know the whole story, but everything will be disclosed at the Divine Tribunal. The person who writes about Father Cipolla don't known Father Cipolla and it sounds like it is even written by Wuerl or one of his cronies, The case should have went to court, but Wuerl paid Bendig the very day of jury selection. WHY??? Because everything about Wuerl's deception, lies and homosexual lifestyle would have beed disc;osed. The District Attorney in Washington County wanted to bring Wuerl to a Grand Jury, unfortunately he passed away. But the Truth will be disclosed. I know Father Cipolla and he has risked helping many unfortunate people to try to help them. The 1978 accusation by Diane Thompson was dropped because she accused many others and was only using Father Cipolla for whatever help she ccould get from St, Vincebt DePaul Society, Incidently she accused a young man of molesting her daughter. By the way,Fr. Cipolla was NEVER ARRESTED. Anne Rodgers Melinick (now divorced) wrote LIES, but the Truth will be disclosed also, about her. I am a friend of Fr. Cipolla, who is a very prayful man ans willing to sacrifice. I know that he doesn't use the Internet etc. because he feels that the Devil uses it t destroy and divide, Fr. Cipolla suffered 5 bypass surgery and he doesn't need the Stress of lies on the Internet by Wuerl sympathiers, I am trying to convince Fr. Cipolla to give me the depositions, so I can put them on the Internet. They are now in the hands of Canon Lawyers at the Vatican. Anyway, he was advised by his spiritual director to let it in God's Hands and the TRUTH will be disclosed, Be careful pointing the finger and making false accusations when YOU don't know the FACTS? What were the years of molestation by Father Cipolla. List them, There were none. Anway Father Cipolla had over 70 witnesses to testify in his favor and support him. YES, the case should have went to Court to STOP the VEMON from people like yourself, who don't knpw the facts nor want to know them. Perhaps Purgatory will purify your hateful darkned soul.

Anonymous said...

I am the previous poster who stated,

"Anonymous is non other than the Rev. Anthony Cipolla. I can tell by the litany of accusations (and language used) that it is him, tearing down others to cover up his years of child molesting. While Cardinal Wuerl is certainly not a Godly man and is only interested in himself, this does not exonerate Cipolla. Cipolla has only survived all these years because he preys on the wealthy and vulnerable."

I was one of those 70 witnesses hoodwinked by Cipolla. I have know Cipolla for over 40 years. I stand by my previous post of December 10, 2012 at 1:00 PM.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you are so right. Rev Anthony Cipolla molested my two son's in 1978.