Sunday, June 30, 2013

UPDATE: Teacher Aide Arrested from St. John the Evangelist School (Silver Spring, MD)

February 29, 2014 Update

This information was updated on the Maryland Court records database, sometime yesterday afternoon/this morning.  The case is now considered closed.

On Feb. 10, 2014





*Please note that the defendant pleaded not guilty to Sex Abuse of a Minor.


January 23, 2014 Update:

There have been a number of updates to the Maryland Court Records in relation to this case.  Please note the following regarding the January 6, 2014 Plea Hearing:

·         A Plea Hearing was held in front of Judge Boynton.  The State’s Attorney was Ms. Bridgford.

·         The Defendant (Ms. Gulley) appeared with her counsel, Mr. Delpino

·         The State’s motion to amend Count #2 and the body of Count #3 of the indictment were granted and amended.

·         The Defendant enters am oral plea of GUILTY to Count #2 and 3 (Second Degree Assault) and Count #3 (Sex Offense Fourth Degree – Person in Position of Authority).   My note:  It seems, but I can be incorrect as there are sometimes entry errors, that Count #1 (Sex Abuse of a Minor) was dropped.  However, I will check back at a later date to see if the record will be updated.

·         The Defendant continues to be out on Bond.

·         Sentencing will be set on Feb. 10, 2014 at 1:30pm by Judge Boynton.

(As before, please keep the child and his/her family in your prayers.)


January 8, 2014 Update

On Feb. 20, 2014, at 1:30pm, sentencing will take place in Courtroom 8 by Hon. David Boynton.

(As before, please keep the child and his/her family in your prayers.)


January 1, 2014 Update

On Dec. 20th it was decided that the plea hearing would be postponed from Thursday, January 2, 2014 to Monday, January 6, 2014.

A Plea has been submitted.

On January 6, 2014, it is expected that a jury trial (four days) will begin but it should be noted that a plea has been submitted.  IMHO, no trial will take place if the Montgomery Attorney's Office accepts the plea, which it probably will.

(As before, please keep the child and his/her family in your prayers.)


December 12th Update

If I have read the court records correct, a plea agreement has been filed with the court.

On December 10, 2013, a plea agreement was filed with the court before Judge Boynton.  



Nov. 16th Update

On Nov. 13th, there was an agreement between the defendant and the county to postpone the pre-trial hearing until Dec. 6th.  This will be held in Court Room #15 at 9:30am with Judge Cheryl Mccally.

The trial is scheduled for January 6th.


Updated Tuesday Evening....

A meeting was held on Monday night (July 1st) at St. John the Evangelist School regarding the arrest and charging of a Teacher's Aide with sexual abuse.

According to my sources, the following were in attendance: the Pastor (Msgr. Pennington), the principal (Sr. Lanark), Thomas W. Burnford (Sec. of Education), Ken Gaughan (head of School Counseling Services), and Deacon Matthew Houle? (Youth Protection). Also, sitting joining but not saying anyting until the end was someone from the Communication Office. (Probably watching what they were or were not saying.)

No one from the Montgomery County Police Department (MCPD) was invited to this meeting. And my source tells me that this was a bit of a sore point with some of those in attendance, as they wanted to know exactly what were the charges and the next steps.

The meeting started off with Msgr. Pennington speaking about the matter, as much as he could but that was really not much. He indicated that this inappropriate behavior was done outside of school hours, therefore, out of his bounds to comment on. He also stated that this was a closed meeting and not open to the press.

The Principal got up to speak and she was at times in tears over this matter.

Ken Gaughan spoke about how to approach the issue with your child and the resources available from the Archdiocese. Deacon Houle reiterated the point about the training received and the background check.

Questions were taken but had to be written on index cards. The most common questions asked were:

  • How old was the child and what grade?
  • Did it take place on school property?
  • Why weren't they notified as soon as the police were contacted?
  • Why was the entire parish notified about this?
  • What are you going to do to ensure that it does not happen again?
  • What type of communication will we receive in the future?
A couple of parents were upset that a letter was annouced from the pulpit regarding the abuse. Many had confused children and wanted to be forwarned.

Allyson R. Gulley (Kensington, MD) was arrested and charged with the following:

Charge 1:
Sex Abuse of a Minor -Statute: CR.3.602.(B)
The incident took place between April 1 and May 21, 2013
Complaint made by Police Officer K. Carvajal

Charge 2:
Sex Offense in the Third Degree - Statue CR.3.307
The incident took place between April 1 and May 21, 2013
Complaint mae by Victor Delpino Esq.  (Private Attorney)

Ms. Gulley is currently out on bail.   The hearing will take place on July 26, 2013 at 10am.

***Please note that this information is available to the public from the Maryland Court system and does not violate any privacy laws. 


Sunday, June 30th
According to my sources, a female teacher aide* from St. John the Evangelist School (Georgia Ave. Silver Spring), was arrested by Montgomery County Police for inappropriate contact with a student.

This sad news was announced by the pastor, who read a letter, at all Masses today.  In it, I was told, the Archdiocese had done all due diligence in background checks and reported it to Montgomery County Police, as soon as the allegation was made.

Please keep the student, the student's family and the larger St. John's Community in your prayers.

*This was a teacher's aide, not a teacher.  Correction from earlier posting. 


Anonymous said...

If i understood the letter correctly (I was at the 12 PM Mass today), it was a teahcer's aide, not a teacher.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

this is very helpfull... please keep updating.

Anonymous said...

*With regard to the case information you have listed, Victor Del Pino is not a complainant, he is the private attorney for the defendant

Anonymous said...

Where do u find this information on the Maryland Court system

Anonymous said...

the court hearing was today.....what were the results...

Anonymous said...

Can you please do another update on the verdict? If she's in jail and if she is for how long?


Update has been made. See posting from July 29th.

Creegan borkoski said...

What is going on at this catholic church and others? This is the 2nd charge of sex abuse by a church/school official in the past 7 years. Why has the new pope addressed this issue as it seems he something to say about everything else? Guess that all the catholic church is going to do is pay lip service about this issue!! Guess that this issue doesnt bring in any money and costs them some and therefore not worth talking about. It is bad press and like politicians or actors all the church cares about s bad publicity. This is a big problem with the church yet it keeps getting swept under the carpet or put back in the closet as it does not bring in money for the cardinals appeal or operation rice bowl or any other silly money making collection that the church thinks is important.

Anonymous said...

i have known this young lady her entire life. she is a good hearted person and is not guilty of these charges that her attorney advised her to plead guilty to. ms.gulley was told to plea this way simply because she and her loving parents did not have the money to fight these out rageous charges. How's that for justice? I consider myself a good christian as i am sure all of you do. However, the so called "victim" in this case is lying and as a good christian i will pray for him and his parents but, i will also pray for ms. gulley and her parents. these wrongful charges have stolen Ms. gulley's life from her. so unjust because of money. as Jesus has taught us, judgement is His to deal with. I can't help but wonder in 8 years, when i approach him about this distructive lie and asked him, how does it feel to know you have distroyed a person's life and her hard working and loving parents? i guess only he will truly know and that said he will continue to have to look at hisself in that mirror everyday and feel the pain. God Bless You. may you have the courage to drop to your knees everyday and ask God's forgivness.

Anonymous said...

The above poster is 100% incorrect. Allyson Gulley is guilty of these charges and should never be allowed around children again. Unless you were part of the situation and were there to witness interactions between these two, keep your opinions to yourself.

It takes a small person to post such things about a young person behind an anonymous account. Calling him/her a liar for coming clean and being honest with the people who are there to protect the child is disgusting.

I am sorry that Allyson Gulley acted in an inappropriate manor with a minor and took advantage of her position as a teacher's aide. If she is spouting to people she knows that she is innocent, she needs serious help.

Saying that neither she nor her parents have money to fight the charges is the "out rageous" thing here. If she cannot afford an attorney and wanted to fight, one would have been provided for her. I am hoping she plead guilty because she has come to the realization that what she did was wrong and that she needs help, not only because there was irrefutable proof and no way out for her.

As a parent myself, I seriously hope you are kidding when you say you plan on approaching this child in 8 years, whatever difference that would make. Let this family be and let them move on with their lives. It would be very un-Christian to drag them through it all again and to accuse the child of lying. How would she/he ever be able to trust a figure of authority again? It's going to be hard enough as it is.

I don't deny that Allyson Gulley is a good person at heart. She did, however, make some very bad decisions and the reason she made these decisions is the root of the problem and it needs to be addressed.

Anonymous said...

The attitude of the anonymous poster from January 28th is exactly the problem that the Church has been fighting for decades. The idea that people we know, love and trust are incapable of the transgressions with which they are charged because we know and love them. Circular logic does not prove innocence nor does it do anything to help our Church move past these horrible acts. You do not know, in any way, or in any measure that Ms. Gulley is innocent. Do the guilty ever tell the truth? To think for an instant that anyone would plead guilty to sexual assault on a minor to avoid legal costs is absurd. Absurd.
She plead guilty because she is guilty and she, in the end, is the one who will need to seek forgiveness. My prayer is that she will also seek help. She is in desperate need of it. She has no business being around children in any capacity. Ever. The insinuation that a child would make these claims to hurt or injure her is a sick assumption. She plead guilty because the evidence against her was irrefutable and she admitted to her wrong doing. She plead guilty because she is guilty.
Why do we insult and challenge the victim when confronting the reality of a person whom we know and may love is guilty of something? Does it require us to second guess everything? Does it force us to recognize that perhaps we have never really known that person at all? Your inability to accept the reality of Ms. Gulley’s guilt does not give you the right to accuse the victim of anything. You should be ashamed of yourself for the statements you make in your post.
We are a nation of laws. We are innocent until proven guilty and her legal defense is provided for her by the state if she is unable to afford one herself. The evidence was and remains overwhelming against her.
I suggest you pray for her. I will pray for you. I fear that your attitude and perspective is precisely that which allowed assaults on our children to go on far too long in the Church; and your fear is precisely the handicap that has allowed the Church to hide the men and women who have preyed on our children for this long.
Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, is challenging us to confront the past wrongs so that they will not be committed again in the future. Facing the truth is the first step towards our shared recovery. Perhaps you will find the strength to move in the direction of the Church for the sake of our children. If you do not, more Ms. Gulley’s lie in wait and rest in the knowledge that their protection is afforded by people like you.

Anonymous said...

To the moderator of this blog:

If you look more closely at the case information Allyson Gulley DID IN FACT PLEAD GUILTY to:

Count Number 2 - Assault in the Second Degree
Count Number 3 - Sex Offense in the 4th Degree, Person in Position of Authority.

She did NOT however, plead guilty to Count Number 1 - Sex Abuse of a Minor.

If you are going to post about issues PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure your facts are correct.


To Anon on Feb. 25th at 10:39AM:

First, thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

I am assuming you are refering about my posting on Feb. 19th.

I think you have misread my posting.

My posting (Feb. 29th) only refers to the sentence issued by the court in relation to the charges and her plea on counts #2 and #3 on Feb. 10th. It was taken word for word from the Court Record (Docket #37)on that day.

You should also note that on Feb. 19th, there was no plea entered against Count #1 but since there was no sentencing against it, we could safely assume it was NOT GUILTY, which I indicated.

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding me. So she's not on the sex offender registry????