Monday, February 16, 2015

Fr. Daly and Becoming a Bishop

I will be honest...I am not fan of Fr. Peter Daly's columns -- most of the time.  However, as with most liberal Catholic priests, Fr. Daly goes over the edge.  

Fr. Daly is the pastor over at St. John Vianney Catholic Church in Prince Frederick, MD.  He writes a column. Many of them are on the parish website and some were published in the Catholic Standard.  For the last few years, his column has appeared in the National Catholic Reporter - a home for liberal/radical catholycs.

In October of 2014, during the love fest for Pope Francis, he wrote a column entitled: Four Easy Steps to Becoming A Bishop.  It was critical of bishops and how they are appointed.  You can read his essay here:

I did comment about it over at NCR and so I am posting my comments here.  Enjoy.

Seems to me that Fr. Daly is jealous of those who have been chosen to be bishops. Is he upset that even though he did his seminary studies in Rome, he was "passed over." Or is he resentful that his JD from CUA was not recognized by the powers that be? Or is he resentful that he was not chosen to be the Secretary to Cardinal Hickey. Maybe he feels that he should have been head of the Curia and not Bishop Knestout.
How do you know that "parish priests" would have done any different on the issue of child abuse, had they been in office? You don't.
How many parish priests turned a blind eye to their actively gay brethren?
How many parish priests dip into the collection plate to cover the gambling addition or to help pay for their gay lovers.
Well Fr. Daly, as you know, life is unfair. Some people happen to be in the right place at the right time. Some have better skills at fundraising or dealing with the aged or at making certain things run smoothly.
You have been at your parish now for 20 years, which is unusual in this Archdiocese. Ever wonder why?
So, in order to make you feel better, my dad has some gold cufflinks he no longer needs. I can send them to you if it will sooth your hurt feelings.

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