Monday, February 10, 2020

Annual Appeal Has Begun - Don't Give

Well folks, the Annual Appeal has begun.

The Catholic Standard (Arch. of Washington Official Newspaper) in their last edition, did a HUUUGE spread on what the appeal spends their money on.  

This is a HUUUGE change from when I first started to write about this in 2008 or so.  Back then, it was a one page flier and no questions were asked.

I remember asking questions, sending emails, and not getting much of a response, until I started to blog about it.  Then, we began to see more marketing on it.  However, the marketing is basically the same, year after year.

This year (2020) the Archdiocese did not publish -- anywhere -- how successful they were in 2019.  Why?  Because they only reached about 70-75%% of their goal -- that is my estimation.   

Considering how +Gregory talks about being open and honest, we still know nothing about the Msgr. Rossi investigation and the Archdiocese did not talk about (in any manner) the injuring of guards at the National Shrine.  

In addition, although +Gregory loves to talk about Catholic Schools, he was willing to let one close and left it up to the pastor and parents of St. Bartholomew to figure it out.  For shame.

And remember, +Gregory is a supporter of James Martin and loves +Bernadin.

As usual...


Figure out a way to give directly to your parish -- and mark your donation as such:

  • Pay for the sacramental wine for one or more months
  • Pay for the hosts for one or more months
  • Sponsor an edition of the Parish Bulletin
  • Pay for the tabernacle candle
  • Pay for a piece of equipment that may be neeed
  • Pay for some new signage
  • Purchase a couple of cases of copier/printer paper.  That is something that parishes always run through.

The key is to ensure that your $$ stays in the parish and does not go directly to the Archdiocese.   Make certain to indicate that the donation is for that item specifically.

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