Thursday, September 9, 2021

+Gregory, National Press Club and the McCarrick Situation

+Gregory spoke at the National Press Club yesterday (Sept. 8th) and to take questions.  And no, I did not submit any questions in advance. 

Although there were a number of questions, there were the obvious ones regarding Mr. McCarrick and sexual abuse.  


Here is The Pillar's take on this: 

Clerical sexual abuse is “absolutely contrary to everything that I as a priest, my brother priests and bishops, should be pursuing, in terms of serving of our people,” Gregory said.

Perhaps surprisingly, the cardinal also talked about vicarious liability. He explained that bishops should not be held accountable for assigning abusive priests to ministry if they had no way of knowing about the acts of abuse or misconduct.

Gregory was direct on that issue: “I can only act on that which I know. And I do it clearly, honestly, straightforwardly, and I continue to do it.”


 To read the rest of their "take" on this, and it is good and only a couple of minutes, please go to The Pillar


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