Saturday, July 8, 2023

Fr. Dan Leary Update

 This was posted on Facebook.  According to the author, Fr. Leary was asked to return.




Anonymous said...

Seems opus dei to me.

Kevin Wells is an apologist for his uncle tommy who was murdered by a most unfortunate man conceived in rape and born with a cleft palate who claimed gay panic defense and still rots in jail today. The autopsy of Wells was never released. "The violent murder of Monsignor Wells was incomprehensible even to our most experienced homicide detectives," Moose said in a statement."

Lucas testified that he fell asleep on the priest's bed and awoke to find Wells standing over him with his underwear partially down. According to Lucas, his own pants had been removed. He reacted wildly, kicking the priest and trying to reach his pants and the knife he always clipped on them, he testified.

Kevin advances the theory that it wasn't his uncle's sodomy that got him murdered but that of the previous priests who used to have hot tub parties.

What is dan leary's relation to uncle tommy?

we see these priests disappear and reappear and we always ask why? why? as if we don't know.

Anonymous said...

This is how much sense nephew wells' reasoning makes:

"Man claims gay “hot tub parties” to blame for uncle’s murder at the hands of straight gardener"

but all the opus dei sites like lifesite news and crisis magazine published it

While Lucas [was the youngest of five -- conceived of rape -- and born with a cleft lip and palate that required multiple surgeries, Blumberg said. The deformity made Lucas the target of constant teasing as "freaky lips" and "Mr. Piggy." He got drunk for the first time when he was 8, began smoking marijuana the same year and by 19 was a high school dropout downing two six-packs of beer daily and using pot and cocaine, the psychiatrist testified. Last summer, Lucas was living in his van on his boss's property in Clarksburg]* rots in jail for 42 years, this is the same lying sodomite charlatanism of Francis, McCarrick et al:

“He says, ‘Hey Kevin, we’ve called on the Baltimore saints and the Maryland saints. Is there any saint that can intercede for you now?’

“And he and his assistant said I opened my eyes and said, ‘Bring Tommy down. I need Tommy now.’

“He then stood up like a V8 moment and said, ‘Of course! What an idiot I am.'”

“He went to the foot of my bed and he said, ‘Hey buddy,’ (he’s calling on his best friend now) ‘Your nephew, Keggi, he just asked you to save his life. Save his life.’"