Wednesday, March 27, 2024

St. Teresa of Avila - Liturgical Abuse (Part Three)

 A few years ago, my pastor informed us that there were to be no blessings given at Communion.  This was a mandate from, I believe the USCCB but I know that if I am wrong, I will be correct.

At St. Teresa, it seems that at Communion anyone can give a blessing anyone wanting.  Case in point: Sr. Dr. Oralisa Martin was invited up by Msgr. East during Communion to bless anyone who wanted a blessing. 

You can see it in the video at about 1:39:30 mark.  However, here are some screen captures from the video.

BTW, this sort of blessing took place on March 17th and March 24th, which you can see in the videos posted on YouTube.



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