Saturday, November 17, 2007

And now, a little humor...

A couple of weeks ago, I received the same email from a couple of friends entitled: Catholic Trivia. It is one of those humorous ones that you get for a few days from various people, as it "flies" around the world. I will share of part of now and some later.

Remember, it is important to laugh, especially at ourselves sometimes.



This information is for Catholics only. It must not be divulged to non-Catholics. The less they know about our rituals and code words, the better off they are.

AMEN: The only part of a prayer that everyone knows.

BULLETIN: Your receipt for attending Mass.

CHOIR: A group of people whose singing allows the rest of the Parish to lip-sync.

HOLY WATER: A liquid whose chemical formula is H2OLY.

HYMN : A song of praise usually sung in a key three octaves higher than that of the congregation's range.

RECESSIONAL HYMN: The last song at Mass often sung a little more quietly, since most of the people have already left.

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