Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Catholic Colleges and Homosexual Clubs

During the Papal Visit, the USCCB hosted a blog. One of the postings gave the number of Catholic schools at all levels.

Being the person that I am, I asked if this included everyone who called themselves Catholic (like Georgetown) or really and truly Catholic institutions. That posting was immediately removed. (You can see an earlier posting on this.) Note that it is their blog and they can do whatever they please.

However, in the Washington DC area, there are two “Catholic” institutions which have “homosexual associations”: Georgetown University and Trinity College.

To be honest, there is no surprise with either one.

But, I do know from previous reports, that the Archbishop refuses to do anything to go about closing these clubs, since the universities in question “are not administered by the Archdiocese.”

For a complete listing, click here.


Robin said...

There is a problem with this list. My son attends Seton Hall, they did not want this group on campass but it was taken to the NJ supreme court and were told they had to include this group. It is not recognized by the university. We have very liberal courts here.

Anonymous said...

This is how Georgetown describes themselves. It seems to carefully distinguish Catholic faith and Jesuit tradition. It does not say Catholic tradition. That, to me, suggests the latitude to be more liberal.

"...a national University rooted in the Catholic faith and Jesuit tradition, committed to spiritual inquiry, engaged in the public sphere, and invigorated by religious and cultural pluralism."

Anonymous said...

Do these "clubs" publicize against the teaching of the church? If not, there is no reason they should not exist. Always Are Children explains we should welcome homosexuals. Just because people are homosexual does not mean they are living against church teachings, but they may need extra support in their faith struggle. Are there other "clubs" on these campuses that could be accused of being against church teachings if we dig far enough? Should they be closed down, too??

Anonymous said...

So, Loyola has a Muslim Student Association and my guess is they are not regularly reaffirming the Catechism. But, I do think they have a place and should be supported as a student organization. What say you?

Anonymous said...

Nobody has an opinion?