Saturday, October 3, 2009

Catholic Standard Weekly Update

It is that time of the week for the review of My Catholic Standard, the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Washington.

Our cover story deals with the confirmation of 78 teenagers and adults at St. Andrew Kim Parish in Olney. Congratulations to all.

Our Page 3 story covers an overview of how Catholic schools are planning to deal with the H1N1 flu. One way is to ensure that all schools put homework assignments and self study assignments on line. There are still schools which seem to resist this easy and basic step.

On the same page as the Bishop of Rockville Centre NY calling for healthcare for illegal immigrants, there is a CNS story about Bishop Martino of Scranton. The headline (from CNS) seems to imply that the bishop resigned due to the fact that he threatened to deny Communion to VP Biden during the last election. If yes, then it is a sad commentary on the Church when CNS seems to revel in this fact.

Page 6 brings us a request for assistance with BOAST.

Page 11 brings us a half page advertisement on the 17th International Week of Prayer and Fasting, which focuses on strengthening the pro-life movement but on Page 12 we see the Standard announce the SOAR dinner to honor pro-abortion and pro-homosexual marriage Cokie and Steve Roberts. Really guys, have you no shame.

We have a story of Fr. Leo Patalinghug who beats Bobby Flay in a “Throwdown.” If you don’t know what it is, check out the Food Network on cable television.

Elizabeth Ann Seton celebrates 50 years. Fr. Daly discusses the death of a friend. And there is a story about how humor is a necessary part of a healthy spiritual life.

The Standard remembers Sarah Forbes, wife of Deacon Rodney Forbes, who was remembered for sowing over 700 stoles for area deacons. Prayers to her and her family members.

There is still no story on the Archbishop’s honoring of John Sweeney. We also have no story on the fact that three of the DC Council members are Catholic and voting to recognize gay marriage. I guess there was not enough space in the Catholic Standard this week.


Anonymous said...

Re: bishop Martino. A few days after he resigned, Scranton's Catholic Mayor Doherty who is running for governor of PA announced he was no longer pro-life, but pro abrotion.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Martino was forced to resign so he couldn't deny communion to one of his flock who is running for governor, Scranton's Catholic Mayor Doherty.

Wuerl uses that excuse in the article below (as in who is my neighbor?) but his actual inclination is to arrest pro-lifers who want to attend mass & receive communion as happened at the recent Red Mass.