Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth Day - A New Feast Day?

I have begun to notice a very disturbing trend among some of our parishes in this Archdiocese. It seems that "Earth Day" is almost elevated as an important feast day. The activities surrounding Earth Day almost remind my of the festival surrounding the feast of the Church where I grew up. There was an outdoor festival with vendors, a special Mass, and novenas, etc. all leading up to that special day.

Now, before I any further, I want to state for the record that I have no problem helping to ensure that the environment not destroyed by ensuring that I don't waste water, dump oil down the sewer system, recycle plastic, etc. but for some, it becomes the new religion.

Our colleagues over at Restore DC Catholicism have done a very good job on pointing out the stuff going on at St. John Vianney. Fr. Peter Daly is the pastor. We have discussed a bit about him in the past.

The folks over at St. Raphael has taken this to a new height.

(Oh, and even though we have Catholic schools closing around the Archdiocese, somehow they are expanding with the official groundbreaking for a new building. My sources tell me it is because they are funding it on their own and not with money from the Archdiocese. Now, I don't have a problem with them doing this, I have a problem with the Archdiocese allowing this while they let our schools close.)

I have gotten word of one religious order who has really taken this Earth Day Feast Day all the way. They are the Sisters of Providence, who were the order which ran Immaculata High School (which closed in the mid-1980s). Although they are not located in DC, here is what they tell us about this very special day:

"Going Local" Earth Day celebration
White Violet Center for Eco-Justice (WVC) is proud to announce the 12th annual Earth Day Celebration 11 a.m.-3 p.m. EDT on April 17 at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Ind.
This family-friendly event is sponsored by the Sisters of Providence of Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods near Terre Haute, Ind. This year’s theme will focus on “going local.”
WVC’s information booth will feature educational materials on the importance of supporting our local farmers, artisans, craftspersons and businesses, and the economic and environmental impact of these choices

If you want to read more, go here.

If you decide to read it, think about who is missing from this?


Dymphna said...

Okay, I now know to keep out of St. Raphael's.

Anonymous said...

This is what Earth Day means to me.

It was 1990, a year after becoming a lay Carmelite (OCSD) when just before Lent thru God's amazing grace I came to understand I was killing people thru my GHG emissions -- contributing to increasing droughts & famines in Africa, etc. It was a tough lent being nailed on the cross, the repentant thief next to Jesus, not knowing what I could do to reduce, until Holy Week when I understood I was the Roman soldier nailing Jesus to the cross...all the time him forgiving me, tho I knew what I was doing.

So when Earth Day came the following week, I went to the festivity in the park and watched TV carefully, and solution by solution came to me. I was filled with joy to be on the road to reducing my enviro harm to people and God's other creatures. Since then we've reduced our GHGs by 60% cost-effectively.

Earth Day 1990 was a practical solution answer to my fervent Lenten prayers. It was God's wonderful gift to me.