Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Update to the Update: Archdiocese issues letter of Apology

Update: I deleted a couple of comments made to this blog posting by accident. I apologize to those who wrote. Mea Culpa.


Well folks, it has been a interesting two days. Now, we have a letter of apology from Bishop Knestout and her call for Fr. Marcel to be remove.

You can read about it in the Washington comPost:

Personally, I believe the Archdiocese made a tactical error in issuing a statement the other day. Why? The Archdiocese stated that the priest was wrong, when there should have been no statement other than, we are looking into the matter.

Now we have a letter of apology and now the call for heads to roll.

Unfortunately, with Cardinal Wuerl at the helm, he will put a muzzle on his priests to NEVER deny Communion to anyone, even if they are known to be HUGE supporters of abortion, or are even in a "gay marriage." (I am assuming that this message will go out, and heaven forbid anyone does it again or leaks word of this out. Your next assignment will be to the most remote parish they can find.)

What will happen to Fr. Marcel. In my opinion, the Archdiocese will ask him to keep his head down, not speak to anyone about this, and in a few months, transfer him to another parish. Probably in southern Maryland or some other out of the way parish.

(Fr. Marcel will be my Mass intention this weekend. BTW, Fr. Marcel, you have the support of many, many faithful Catholics. We thank God the Father for priests like you.)

The Cardinal, in my opinion, has done a great disservice here to his priests and to all of the faithful. He has let us all down again.

PS: I will be expecting a huge number of hate filled comments. Again, blame the priest not the "supposed" Catholic. But, what else is new.


Anonymous said...

I was so glad to find your blog post. I hope that Father Guarnizo knows that there are many who support him.

Anonymous said...

What is a "HUGE" supporter of abortion?

Should "tiny" supporters of abortion be permitted?

What is wrong with you people- you really don't see how stupid you sound, do you?

Anonymous said...

What is a "HUGE" supporter of abortion?

Should "tiny" supporters of abortion be permitted?

What is wrong with you people- you really don't see how stupid you sound, do you?

Elisa said...

Thanks for all these updates!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could support Father Guarnizo here, but I simply cannot. I'm on board with him denying communion. However, he left the altar while this woman eulogized her mother. He then refused to attend the burial. If he was going to treat the dead with such a lack of respect he should have found another priest to preside over the service.

Igor Bostonovich said...

What else would one expect from the Washington Post and the rest of the main stream media? They are pursuing a gay rights agenda. And on the eve of Governor O’Malley signing gay marriage into law, this is a prime news story, and the media is milking it for all they can get. The fact is that Father Marcel is a family friend and one of the holiest priests I have met in 60 years as a Catholic. The Post printed half truths. Father Marcel did not refuse to go to the cemetery. He was feeling sick, and arranged for another priest to go in his place. And what happens to the Catholic Church teaching about receiving communion in the state of grace? What are the faithful supposed to think if self-proclaimed active homosexuals are allowed to receive communion freely? Isn’t this leading the faithful astray? And what does the bible say about the shepherds who lead their flock astray?

Anonymous said...

“I am sorry that what should have been a celebration of your mother’s life, in light of her faith in Jesus Christ, was overshadowed by a lack of pastoral sensitivity...” Bishop Barry Knestout

So anyone "in light of faith in Jesus Christ" is entitled to a celebration of their life (i.e. Roman Catholic funeral and, I suppose, communion for any attendee who wants it (talk about protestant communion service)) in a Roman Catholic Church(?) Certainly one way to increase revenue to the homosexual country club fund (better known as the "Forward in Filth" campaign).
But why does a church that has no conscience need conscience protection? Or in other words, why ask for conscience protection (to not marry homosexuals, perform abortions, discriminate as to who is a member of the church or an employee, etc.) when it's the de facto policy of the church(as Mitt Romney said in MA) to do all these things? Believe me, if any ONE (jesuits, St. Matthews, Elizabeth Seton High School, etc., etc., etc.) are doing it, and these are not kicked out, it applies to ALL.

Anonymous said...

Our personal opinions of good and evil will not be the basis of whether we have eternal life. God calls each of us to live holy lives as defined by Him in the word of God, the holy and inspired bible. It is clear that the bible teaches that the sexually immoral will not inherit the kingdom of God. However, if we recognize our sin, forsake them, and turn to God for forgiveness, He will help us overcome our sins, He will forgive us and help us to change our lives.

A number of people were warned to turn from their sins in the bible. The prophet Nathan warned David after his sin with Bathsheba. Jesus spoke to the the woman at the well who was living with a man not her husband, and warned the woman caught in adultery "Go and sin no more" and warned the man who was crippled at the pool of Bethesda, "Look, you are well; do not sin any more, so that nothing worse may happen to you."

Paul told the Corinthians to put a man sleeping with his wife's mother out of the church so that he could be saved, etc.

It is now acceptable to many to to live together immorally as an unmarried couple, practice a homosexual lifestyle, to practice abortion, or acknowledge abortion on demand as a lawful right, etc. Often we are blind to the holiness of God and God's commandment to "Be Holy, for I am Holy".

I have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. I will not arrive through the gates of heaven on my own merits, but only through the merits of Jesus Christ. Through the unmerited favor of God I have eternal life. Neither can any other person go through those gates on their own merits for all of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Each of us however can be saved by accepting Jesus as our Savior and the Lord of our lives and coming to Him for forgiveness. We need to acknowledge our sinfulness, forsake our sins and He will cleanse us. He will come into the heart of all those who do this and make His home there. He will help us to purify our lives and make us truly children of God. We can then truly call upon the Lord as our Father.

May the Lord Jesus bless each one of those involved in this situation with Godly repentance, with eternal life, and a close walk with Him. May he also bring His peace to all the parties involved and may all of us rejoice together in heaven. May He fill each of us with His joy and peace. This is my prayer.