Friday, February 10, 2012

OBAMA sticks it to us again!

Obama's "change" in policy just shifts the burden to the insurance companies. It becomes mandatory for them to offer the birth control products, even if the purchaser is the Catholic Church.

Don't believe him. It is just another way that the Church has to pay for it.

We must continue to fight this Hugo Chavez move!


Brantigny said...

Correct assesment. He his an anti-christ

B Richard said...

So what you're saying is the rights of religious organizations trump personal rights? It appears now that a religious organization can enter into the business world and expect its businesses to be treated like a church. They can then go and buy up every hospital and any other business in town they choose to buy and then expect the employees to abide by the church's values instead of the individual's. Those employees have to have their insurance coverage changed to appease their new employer because the new employer doesn't approve of the individual's private choices. This is scary stuff. Bye-bye democracy, we're now a theocracy, just like Iran.

Anonymous said...

That's why health insurance should be like auto insurance - not through your employer. Let's end the tax subsidy on employer provided health insurance and let people buy their own. I believe Catholic Church got itself into this mess by constantly advocating state provided health care. That's why we have rationing and state sponsored contraception, abortion, euthanasia and "assisted" suicide. Right now Sr. Keehan (the million dollar "nun") is presiding over a conglomerate where the people that the nuns used to take care of - i.e. those abandoned on the street - are now being killed by the Catholic church. Instead of doing good, the Church is being used to white wash evil - and, of course, many of these "do gooders" and "religious" like Keehan are making six figure salaries.