Friday, November 2, 2012

Dissent Again At Holy Trinity! Is Hyattsville paying attention?

"Bishops may be unhappy about the contraception mandate, but they have only 200 votes in this election," was the view expressed by Father Reese.

After an article in the parish bulletin praising President Obama for Obamacare, and which made no mention of the mandates which go against our faith, Fr. Reese speaks about how the Bishops are just looking for an excuse to oppose Obamacare.  He even suggest that they should be very happy with the mandate and exceptions.

Hyattsville, maybe it is time to strip Fr. Reese of his faculties in the Archdiocese! Maybe it is time to put their foot down about Holy Trinity. 

This sort of stuff has really got to stop. I mean you guys had no problem w/ Fr. Marcel, why are you not doing it with Fr. Reese.

For the complete story, please go to Catholic Online:


Anonymous said...

The bulletin at Holy Trinity that you linked to at the end of September advertised the homosexual Cardinal McCarrick recruiting homosexuals to join the priesthood.

Archdiocese of Washington
Men’s Discernment Dinner with Cardinal McCarrick
Sunday, September 23, 5:30pm-8:30pm, Saint Stephen Martyr Parish
(Foggy Bottom). RSVP required: Rev. Carter Griffith,, 202-

At my former parish, Holy Redeemer College Park, there are now two NY/NJ priests in residence. One is a lisping priest who is attending CUA for the next two years (hidden in College Park, MD due to reports of child abuse (?)). The other is the 30 year old Fr. De Rosa who is going to (re)introduce adoration to the parish which he has twice defined as the opportunity for us to SIT and tell Jesus "how hard it is" (COMPLAIN). In his sermon a few weeks ago on the gospel about the rich young man Fr De Rosa shared an encouraging thing that had happened to him that week: he'd told his uncle (Uncle Ted McCarrick?) that he was saving up to buy a cappucino machine and his uncle offered to buy it for him! In researching cappucino machines for his purchase, he'd read a review that said that particular cappucino machine did not give the owner the "spirit" of the barrista and that's what this gospel about the rich young man was about - not giving up cappucino machines but having the "spirit" of the barrista! Yesterday, Fr. DeRosa greeted the parishioners not inside the building where the pastor usually does when not saying mass but outside: many in the congregation wondered if it was so he could show off his new black ten gallon fedora and black leather jacket. One of the old widows (50%of the congregation) opined that Fr. DeRosa is always a "sharp dresser" - I wonder which uncle bought him the new threads!

This is an exhibit put on by a cardinal on the CDF - post it if you dare - it is offensive!

And here of course in time for the new evangelization is Heather Mizeur, our own Roman Catholic Maryland gay marriage legislation sponsor having a "coming out" party withoug losing her "best friend" Catholic priest:-

"She nearly lost her best friend, a Catholic priest, who withdrew from her after she came out to him.

“He had always wanted to keep away from gay people and thought God was playing a cruel trick on him by having his best friend come out as gay,” Mizeur said.

But he told her later he realized he had to change because his faith told him to love everyone and not to ostracize those who were different, Mizeur said."

Yeah, Hyattsville is watching & they are applauding - as "The New Normal" TV Series proclaims:

Priest says, “Contraire to popular opinion being gay isn’t a sin. Church is not anti-gay. You must fight for what you believe.”

Check out the NEW Catholic catechism and be enlightened as to where this filth engulfing our society is coming from!

Anonymous said...

Some more comments you won't publish about how WUERL & ADW are PRO GAY MARRIAGE:
"Msgr." Ron Jameson, rector of Wuerl's own cathedral, signatory for gay marriage in DC in 2009 STILL rector in 2012:
You advocate for "Catholic" education, but see this video where at Georgetown freshman orientation, where instructor ASKS female students to tell HIM why bisexuality and threesomes are considered “hot” for women but not for men (and where is the parental outrage; where is the father threatening to cut out this man’s tongue if he should ever spread such filth to one of his daughter’s again):
Then we have coming out & sex positive week at Georgetown:
And Radical Feminist and Gender Equality baby killing Escort Training on CAMPUS:
While Wuerl states:
"And at the level of the colleges?" the pope replied, with a smile and what the cardinal describes as a "twinkle in his eye."

The church in America has a "long way to go" to bring Catholic higher education back into harmony with church teaching, the cardinal said, and an essential part of that effort is restoring the "institutional identity" of Catholic colleges and universities.
CUA has rushed to pick up “Cardinal Bernardin school” homosexual progressive activist John Carr recently “retired” by USCCB.
But, oh, that’s RIGHT! The NEW Catholic Catechism teaches that homosexuality ISN’T a sin!!!!! Imagine how gay marriage could result from that teaching!