Friday, January 25, 2013

IRONY: MCC & NAACP Join Forces on Death Penalty

On January 15, 2013 the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) on their Facebook page, a photo of their interns meeting with the NAACP President.  This photo op was due to their opposition to the death penalty.

So here we have a pro-life group, teaming up with a race based, pro-aborition group to abolish the death penalty. 

So my question is:  Why would the MCC join forces with a group which supports death sentences to the unborn?

I mean posting a photo on their Facebook page only gives street creed to what the NAACP supports. 


Anonymous said...

The alliance came about after black protestant churches in PG County defeated Catholic Governor O'Malley and MCC's first attempt to pass gay marriage in MD in 2011 on behalf of the homosexual Catholic bishops of Maryland who set MCC's agenda. MCC then teamed w/NAACP to turn black people to pass gay marriage in MD in 2012. Now both organizations are working overtime to see that democrats never get voted out of office to ensure perpetual tax funding of their "non profit" organizations.

And if you don't think the Catholic clergy was working in favor of homosexual vice, what the MD/DC clergy did was use this issue to get all the women who were working to "defeat" gay marriage to go around saying: "we have no problem w/CIVIL unions", "we all have friends and loved ones who are gay, we aren't anti-gay" - in other words they turned the anti-gays into pro-gays by getting them to profess pro-gay slogans. The priests assured these women that this was the strategy that worked best to get people to vote AGAINST gay marriage and sign their petition to get marriage on the ballot. It worked like a dream!

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

MCC's alliances with the death penalty push are more questionable that that with NAACP. See my post from yesterday.