Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year (Sort of..)

Well, we have begun 2013.

This will be a very rough year for the Roman Catholic Church. 

The Most Merciful Barack H. Obama and his allies, will continue to do whatever they can to destroy the Church and her faith. 

They already have a 5th column within the Church, such as those who supported Obama fully, and those priests and religious who really do not live their faith.

I expect that most Catholic hospitals, like Holy Cross, will remove their Catholic affiliation to remain open. 

Many Catholic schools will sell out and remain Catholic in name only. 

The Washington comPost has already identified who they will side with.  Their yearly list of "INs and OUTs."  In it, they had the "bishops" as OUT and "nuns" as IN. 

You know that this will be a rough year.


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