Friday, April 25, 2014

Former CEO of St. Luke's Institute Found Guilty of Fraud and heading to Jail...but not from St. Luke's

The one-time top-ranking priest in the Diocese of Manchester, the Rev. Msgr. Edward J. Arsenault III, was sentenced to four years in New Hampshire State Prison Wednesday by a judge who urged him to do good in prison.
In 2009, Arsenault took a $170,000-a-year position as CEO of St. Luke’s, a rehab center in Silver Spring, Md., that became known for treating priests who had sexually abused children. The center deals primarily with priests, nuns and brothers who have a range of other issues, such as depression, anxiety and addictive behaviors. St. Luke’s conducted an internal investigation and found no evidence of fraud while Arsenault was there.

For more information, please go to Feb 2014 story by the Religious News Service  and the April 24, 2014 story by the New Hampshire Union Leader. 

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