Friday, April 11, 2014

Should US Catholics Continue to Donate for Free Healthcare?

The Catholic Standard, in this week's edition, contains an article focusing on those honored during the Rose Mass.  The Rose Mass is the opportunity to pray for and thank, all of those who are involved in the health care field.  After the Rose Mass, a number of those in the medical field were honored for their work at the Spanish Center.

With the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA) or Obamacare, and the ability of ANYONE who wants insurance (including illegal aliens, prisoners, etc.), do we still need to maintain FREE (or at minimal cost) health care clinics funded by Catholic donations.  Remember, the USCCB and the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC) supported AHA.

So, my question is:  Why are we (Catholics) continuing to support free healthcare provide by the Catholic Church?  Should we take those $$ and use it to fund education or other activities?

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