Thursday, September 19, 2019

Cokie Roberts

There has been a great deal written about Cokie Robert's, who passed away recently.  In particular, about her Catholicism.  I don't know her, never met her.  

However, none of the reports talk about what she thought of Catholic teaching:  

Cokie Roberts, political commentator for ABC News and National Public Radio, has publicly attacked Pope Benedict XVI as "really lacking in the theological virtue of charity," "an extremely controversial choice" and "the most conservative voice of Catholicism."  In her syndicated column with husband Steve Roberts, she has espoused abortion rights and ridiculed pro-lifers as "extremists."  The Robertses characterized the federal ban on partial-birth abortion as "off the track" and "cynical games-playing" by pro-life activists.  They have argued that the authority of the Catholic bishops has been significantly weakened, in part because of their teaching on homosexuality and contraception: "It’s as if they are asking to be ignored."

To read the entire article, you can go to LifeSite News. 


Anonymous said...

She received Communion decade after decade at Little Flower Church in Bethesda. Msgr. John Enzler, pastor, among others. Under Archbishops Hickey, McCarrick, Wuerl, Gregory.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

No wonder people don't believe in the Real Presence when our priests allow sacrilegious Communions. But no doubt the priests were instructed by McCarrick and Wuerl not to refuse. Perhaps they should have been brave enough to say, "With all due respect, Your Excellency, I cannot endanger my own soul by committing such a sacrilege." Of course that likely would have gotten them booted out of the diocese and possibly the priesthood. Those who love Christ, whose zeal for His house consumes them, are not appreciated these days.

I did a blog post on Cokie on Wednesday and prayed a Chaplet of Divine Mercy for her as I took a walk. God have mercy on the poor silly woman who preferred the world's wisdom (and her own) to Christ's.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

Poor silly woman who preferred the world's wisdom to Christ. I would guess that McCarrick, Wuerl, and Gregory all instructed the priests not withhold Communion. Sacrilege is in fashion these days and any priest who would have the courage to disobey would likely be pitched out into the outer darkness. I wonder what the bishops would do if a priest said, "Your Excellency, with all due respect I cannot jeopardize my own soul by giving this publicly pro-abortion reporter Communion. Not only would it injure my Lord, but the scandal to my parish would teach the people not to believe in the Real Presence.

I blogged about Cokie on Wednesday and prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for her when I took my walk. I hope she repented in the end.