Monday, November 18, 2019

Guess What is Still Missing from the Catholic Standard?

Yes, you guessed it, there is still no mention of the investigation of Msgr. Rossi, assigned to the National Shrine.

We have stories on:
  • the Kidane-Mehret Ethiopian Catholic Church
  • a Midway battle veteran (thank you for your service!)
  • the priest convocation
  • DACA (which BTW was an illegal action, but tell that to CLINIC)
  • Carmelite Cloister at Port Tobacco

And yet, there is no room for a story on the investigation of Msgr. Rossi.

You think that they are covering it up????

BTW, Archbishop Gregory will be at Christ the King Church on East-West Highway in Silver Spring this weekend.  

Wonder if I should set-up a large sign, asking about the investigation.