Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Holy Trinity, Biden and Holy Communion


Well is seems that the Parish Council over at Holy Trinity in Georgetown, known for being part of the liberal wing of the Church, has decided to publicly support Biden in receiving Holy Communion.  

This is really just posing, as they really have no standing on the matter. 

However, I know that Cardinal Gregory will be overjoyed to know of their support. 

 You can read it here:  Washington Examiner.


Anonymous said...

How long have pro-aborts been receiving "communion" in the Catholic church? Who can believe you care? Your colleague 'restore dc catholicism' has links to ODAN that opus dei is a cult and yet opus dei church militant (terry carroll) and taylor marshall (ditto; employee dc catholic info center) are featured on her blog. Gomez is a member of opus dei and has been giving holy communion to xavier becerra since he got to LA -- not to mention teddy lieu (whome he prolly instigated to make that tweet for OD publicity). Churn the VC2 bathtub while nothing ever gets done. No matter: donate to the proolife archive in memory of our dead prolifers (not the babies). Don't buy masses for their souls (they are saints like JP2!); donate to the prolife archive in their memory.If you all could see how you yourselves have lost the faith while marching along w/the VC2 apostasy...

Gomez ... obtained his Doctorate in Theology at the University of Navarra in Spain, in 1980. He was ordained a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei in 1978. In 1999, he was appointed Vicar of the Delegation of the Prelature of Opus Dei.

L.A. Diocese’s Archbishop Gomez pushes immigration overhaul bill
Two Sundays ago, he (Gomez) celebrated a special Mass in recognition of immigrants at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in downtown. Busloads of people from the dioceses in San Bernardino and Orange attended, as did Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and U.S. Reps. Xavier Becerra (D-Los Angeles) and Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-East Los Angeles).
In his homily — delivered seamlessly in poetic Spanish and slightly slower English

Think Xavier got holy communion from Cordileone at his daddy’s “private” funeral in 2020 Private services will be held for Manuel in Sacramento

Rep. Xavier Becerra speaks next to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi during a news conference on America's Affordable Health Choices Act on Capitol Hill on July 22, 2009.

Archbishop Gomez and newly installed California attorney general Xavier Becerra shared the stage at the 17th annual Cesar Chavez Legacy Awards Gala Thursday night, held at the upscale Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles. Becerra was only two days removed from filing 15 felony charges against David Daleiden, pro-life investigator whose 2015 undercover stings exposed Planned Parenthood's grisly aborted baby parts racket.

Known opus dei propraganda pieces:

This is what happens to bishops who actually work for Jesus Christ: "Two days before Casey's address at King's, Rigali issued a statement "applauding" the Senator for introducing legislation to promote policies that encourage women facing unplanned pregnancies to carry their babies to term. In the highly ritualized world of church communication, the Cardinal's announcement was akin to a public smackdown of Martino. One month later, Martino was summoned to Rome, and submitted his resignation.,8599,1919969,00.html

And none of you even remember his name (he wasn't opus dei like pedophile pell).

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

You might want to change the background color. It's difficult to read black on dark green.

Anonymous said...

yada yada yada - hasn't alumni pelosi been receiving holy communion at trinity for DECADES and DECADES and DECADES? Didn’t biden receive holy communion when he was #2 in the nation from the hands of POPE FRANCIS? How does it make wilton gregory any happier than it makes opus dei christendom cia carlist sodomites buckley and bozell and warren carroll and jose gomez who've been working w/nancy pelosi and rockefeller to flood this country w/spanish since the 1960s? What's the real news you all are distracting everyone from? Why don't you publish my comment from yesterday?
Biden bringin' in 37 million Spanish per decade vs 10 million
See Spanish speakin’ Gomez givin' becerra communion at the immigration mass
Becerra: illegal immigration should be decriminalized
Becerra positioning himself to be bilingual el (vice) prezidento
California’s attorney general gave a scathing Spanish-language rebuttal to Trump’s speech

Anonymous said...

In 2009 "The number of Catholics in North Georgia continues to climb. Catholics are growing faster than the overall population in the Peach State as the official count of Catholics in the archdiocese climbs to 750,000, up from 650,000."
In 2020 there were 1.2 million
1995. Memo to Pope John Paul II re Baltimore faithful: Your flock is largely white, middle-class, suburban and steadily growing; likes the church but often skips Mass; joins lay ministries but not the priesthood; favors your leadership but not your policies.
3.14.20Hispanics now account for 40% of all U.S. Catholics, and a solid majority of school-age Catholics. Yet Hispanic Americans are strikingly underrepresented in Catholic schools and in the priesthood — accounting for less than 19% of Catholic school enrollment and only about 3% of U.S.-based priests.
He said the median age for Hispanic Catholics in the U.S. is 29, compared to 55 for white non-Hispanic Catholics.
10.30.17 during the second decade of the 21st century, a major threshold was crossed: the majority of U.S. Catholics now live in the South and the West. Hispanics are the major reason for this geographical shift, joined in these regions by the fast-growing Asian population.
5. A majority of U.S. Catholics under 18 are Hispanic. The median age of Hispanics is 28, significantly younger than White (43), Asian (36), and Black (33) populations. About half of Hispanics are younger than 30…About 60 percent of all U.S. Catholics younger than 18 are Hispanic. … (More than half of all U.S.-born Hispanics older than 5—about 20 million―speak Spanish at home.)
About half of all Catholic millennials are Hispanic.
Of the approximately 14.5 million school-age Catholic children today, about eight million (or 55 percent) are Hispanic.