Tuesday, November 11, 2008

St. Rose of Lima. Furniture and Mont. Co. Government

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) as it currently stands is ineffective and in many instances, supports organizations which do not necessarily support Catholic teaching. It must be shut down and reorganized. Please boycott the CCHD Collection on Sunday, Nov. 23rd. Read more here.


Now, most of you probably think that I really "hate" the folks over at St. Rose of Lima. Nope. Nothing of the sort. I do have a problem with VOTF and other stuff that goes one. From my perspective, the dissenters begin to slowly influence other groups to the point that what is in direct opposition to the Church becomes the norm.

However, my thoughts today are from an article in last week's Montgomery County Gazette (Nov. 2, 2008 Page A-41) regarding the closing of the Furniture Program at St. Rose. According to the article, it assisted the needy furnish their homes for over 20 years. A very good thing.

However, there was one thing that stuck in my mind over and over. The fact that Montgomery Country social services representatives have long depended on them for assistance.

Now, I think that it is ironic that Montgomery County which has no problem spending millions of dollars to help illegal aliens, spends over a billion dollars on an education system that may not really be working (unless you believe the test scores, which I don't), pushes through (in a dictatorial manner) a transgender bill, and yet, has to rely on others to do something like this.

Yet, when our citizens call upon government to help our Catholic schools even to subsidize secular textbooks, we are told that it is our choice and that there is no money for you.

Maybe, many of our Catholic charities should shut down, even for a few weeks, to remind our local and state officials they need us. And if we do not get some of the things we want, then they are going to have to do so much more, with so much less.

It may seem to be un-Christian but considering how Catholics and other clear thinking Christians have been treated over the years, maybe it is time to start playing a little hardball.


Anonymous said...

Ironic, too, that volunteers for the St Rose furniture ministry have included local politicians.


Well, then, please name the names and if there were there just for the photo op or were regular volunteers.


Oh...one other thing...even if you name names, it really is just a distraction of the key point of my message.

Anonymous said...

Persecution of the Church, no matter the politica is very inappropriate, it can also backfire as the anti-immigration platform certainly has backfired and it may have missed an opportunity.
Tempering justice with compassion is certainly noble.