Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Did you give to the CCHD?

Our friends over at Les Femmes have asked if your parish had taken up a CCHD collection, did the priest speak about it, etc.

I would like to "borrow" from her on this theme and ask the readers from the Archdiocese of Washington DC (only) three basic questions, which are located on the right of this page:

- Did you give?
- How much did you give?

- If you did not give, did you protest the collection?

Of course, is is unscientific but it would be interesting to see what people say.


Anonymous said...

My family gave much more this year to the annual CCHD collection than we have ever given. In fact, you might even say that we gave from our want because we learned of this boycott. We normally give $25-but this year our family put $200 in the collection. My wife and I gave $100 and each of my children gave $25 from their savings accounts...and they knew that the extra $75 that my wife and I gave came from our Christmas fund. Our family has directly benefitted from CCHD grants. We lived in Camden, NJ until 2 years ago and a CCHD grant helped a group of us get some life back into the city. We may not be wealthy, but at least I have a job and we figured it was time for payback to those who helped us and others like us.



Thank you for your note and for your story. I think that you have done a very honorable thing by giving back to them, since they have helped you.

Unknown said...

I gave nothing. But I have nothing to give at the moment. Had I had anything to give I probably wouldn't have given anything.

Dymphna said...

We gave nothing and tore up the envelope

Sacred Heart Catholic Church said...

I gave nothing and haven't supported CCHD for years because of the organizations they give money too. It will be interesting to see if this organization is ever really cleaned up. I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

I gave nothing. CCHD will be shut down within 2 years. It's a fraud. Lies from left-wing ideologues.

Katherine said...

I alway give generously to CCHD but gave even more this year because of the attacks by the right wing.


Well then Katherine (our Catholic for Obama person), if you would be kind enough to back up you statement by showing us your giving statements to CCHD for the last few years and then this year, we can then verify your statement of support.

Katherine said...

Yes, let me post my tax returns, bank statements, credit card accounts, Social Security number, and ATM PIN number on your blog. I only ask you do the same on my blog (oh, yes, and you go first).


Well, Katherine, you are the one who said that you gave more this year than in previous years.

If you gave to CCHD via your parish, then they would have provided you with a statement of your giving each year over the last few years for tax purposes. There is no bank account information, Social Security numbers, etc.

So, I am asking you once again to prove to verify your claim.

Katherine said...

Dear friend,

I'm really not all that interested in verifying this to you. If you doubt me, so be it.

In Christ and His Mother,



Katherine, it is as I suspected, you can talk the talk but when it comes to walking the walk, that is another matter.

So be it.

You may now return to your saviour, the Most Merciful, the Lord High Barack Obama and report to him your latest foray to deceive those who are faithful to the Roman Catholic Church.

Katherine said...

thank you. doing a darn fine job, are I not? 54% of the Catholic vote and the greatest electoral disaster for the right wing in 44 years!

And you, my friend, keep on doing what you are doing. Please don't change the strategy, rhetoric or tactics that brought so great a failure in 2008.