Monday, November 17, 2008

Open Letter to Mr. C. Wainwright, CCHD Director for the Archdiocese of Washington DC

Dear Mr. Wainwright:

It looks like the CCHD is pulling out the stops this year to ensure that it continues to receive adequate funding.

I received the CCHD flier at my parish. As I read through it, you could easily tell that the black eye received from the ACORN scandal has influenced it but not enough to say “we will reform.”

Even as it attempts to show that CCHD funds projects to break the cycle of poverty, some of the organizations that you focus on, raised additional questions for me.

CASA of Maryland. I have written previously about CASA and how it seeks, with the help of local politicians and the Maryland Catholic Conference, to do whatever it can to assist illegal aliens and thwart Federal immigration laws. The recent death of
Tai Lam on a commuter bus by an illegal alien and those with ties to MS-13 seems to have done nothing to change the thinking of CCHD and MCC.

Action in Montgomery (AIM). Although this group is made up of a number of churches, and claims to be bi-partisan, it is an affiliate of the Industries Areas Foundation. Have you heard of that group before? Of course you have, it was founded by Saul Alinsky. And who was greatly influenced by Saul Alinksy? Yep, the President-Elect.

Partnership for Renewal in Southern and Central Maryland (PRISCM) also has an indirect link to Alinsky, through the Gamaliel Foundation. Although, you claim that CCHD funds groups which are non-partisan, but the issues it “fights for” do have a political component. According to Wikipedia:

Gamaliel has refocused its efforts from neighborhood organizations to coalitions that can influence wider metropolitan areas and regions. Gamaliel has begun to formulate strategies for impacting national policy on such issues as comprehensive
immigration reform, health care for all, jobs and full employment, affordable housing, and public transportation.

Considering the fact that your flier shows CASA and PRISCM working together on “immigration reform,” I have no question on where they stand on this issue and that it is a partisan one.

In fact, the PRISCM entry on Wikipedia references none other than the President-Elect. So much for non-partisanship.

And, as what a friend of mine likes to call "cocktail party information" guess who hired the President-Elect to be a community organizer. Yep, none other than the Gamaliel group. It just seems to get better and better.

Therefore, Mr. Wainwright, I will not be giving to CCHD and urging a boycott of CCHD until the entire program is either disbanded or overhauled. The use of funds from Catholics for non-Catholic groups needs to be ended, especially if they are used to support agendas which are against our faith.

We must only fund organizations which are FAITHFUL to the MAGESTERIUM of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.



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Anonymous said...

We received a similar flier in our bulletins here in the AD of Portland, Oregon...

Here's what many of us throughout the country are doing--if you find it worthy, pass it on.

Standing firm,

james mary evans