Friday, March 7, 2014

Stupid Biden Quotes

Once again, we bring you another stupid quote from the highest elected "Catholyc" in the United States: Vice President Joe Biden. I tell you, he is the gift that keeps on giving.

Vice President Biden moving in close to sell the Affordable Care Act to a young woman outside Butterfield's Pancake House in Scottsdale," says the local reporter.

 "We gotta make sure everybody young person signs up for health care. It's affordable. You can get subsidies to do it. And it's in your interest. And if you don't even want to do it for yourself. do it for your parents, give 'em peace of mind."

The local reporter though took the time to find out a little bit about the woman the vice president pitched. "Turns out that woman is not even a U.S. resident. She's visiting from Canada," says the reporter.

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