Friday, March 14, 2014

Stupid Biden Quotes

Biden chuckled, expressed his doubts and urged as he has in the past for home defenders to arm themselves with shotguns. Biden said he's told his wife, Jill, to "fire two blasts outside" from one of the family's double-barrel shotguns should there be any signs of trouble. (As a practical matter, Biden's Secret Service detail would likely be on top of the situation.) Overall, the moment was indicative of the role Biden has been playing since he White House began selling its gun violence reduction package to the public. Biden can often be found talking up the guns he owns and his personal ties to the Second Amendment. 


You don't fire a weapon into the air, as the projectile can come down and kill someone.  And, if you fire both rounds, the bad guys know that you are empty and attempting to reload.

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