Friday, October 4, 2019

Catholic Standard Remains Silent on Rossi Investigation!

My friend Melvin contacted me that the latest edition of the Catholic Standard (Oct. 3, 2019) makes no mention of Msgr. Rossi.  He will bring his copy over to me later this evening.

Not one paragraph, not one sentence, not even a mention of his name.  It is as though it did not exist.

Like I said earlier, the MO of the Archdiocese is to remain silent, hide the truth and hope that it all fades away.  

It has been almost two months, since the story broke and not one word.

This is one person who will not let it fade away.   

And for those of you in Takoma Park, MO stands for "modis operandi" or the "method of operation." 



William Callaghan said...

You clearly are obsessed with Msgr Rossi and have an axe to grind, why else this constant witchunt that you and others including a certain Mr Neumayr are conducting?


Once again, Mr. Callaghan, I will ask you, why are you so defensive about Msgr. Rossi? Did he do a special favor for you? Are you one of his secret lovers? Or are you simply looking to increase readership to you blog? Please, share with us the reason for your undying defense of Msgr. Rossi?