Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Where in the World is Fr. Daly?

For many with children about 20 years ago, the refrain was "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?"

Well, many in the Archdiocese of Washington ask:  "Where in the World is Fr. Daly?"

When we last left him, he had retired, writing for the National Catolyc Reporter, and doing the final blessings/rite at local cemetery's.  By the way, that is a pretty decent paying gig, which when last I checked was at least a $100 to $150 donation.  Do one or two a week, and it is a very nice supplement to a pension.

He then turned up on the leadership of the Association of US Catholic Priests, a dissident group.  

Well low and behold, where does he now turn up at a retreat for gay priests, bishops, brothers and deacons sponsored by another dissident group The New Way Ministries.

Now, I know that the Archdiocese does not have much control over these guys, when they are retired, but give me a break.  And now with +Gregory running the show, you can expect more of this.

And then they wonder why donations are down. 

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