Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The MCC praises a Pro-Abortion/Anti-Family Politician

An Open Letter to Mary McGinnity, Director of the Dept. of Social Concerns, Maryland Catholic Conference:

I just read your comments in the Catholic Standard (Feb. 14, 2008 Page 38) about Marilyn Praisner, Montgomery County Council. I almost fell out of my chair. Here is what you said:

“Praisner kept her faith private and did not use it to advance her political agenda.”

Did I read your statement correctly? She claims to be a Catholic, is lauded by you, and yet did not let her faith guide her actions on the Council.

Are we not called upon to live our faith in our daily lives? Or is that just a big lie? We are called upon each and every day to live our faith and yet, she is given a pass because she is a politician?

I guess that explains her pro-abortion stance and allowing the Montgomery Council Transgender Bill to pass. .

It is a very sad day, when a representative of the advocacy arm of the Archdiocese of Washington, says such things.

This is just another fine example of why Archbishop Wuerl must fire Dick Dowling and the key staff at the MCC.

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