Thursday, February 7, 2008

Maryland Primary - Feb. 12, 2008

Well, the Maryland Primary is almost upon us.

This message is really for my Catholic friends who are registered Democrats.

I really don’t need to talk about Hillary Clinton. We all know her record on abortion, homosexuals, socialized medicine, the military, etc..

But, there are many out there who want Obama. They say he stands for change. He is not Clinton. (Yes, I would agree with that on two counts: he is a guy and he seems to have a real marriage.)

Now, what you may not know is that Obama has a perfect pro-abortion record, although he may make you think otherwise.

Here is what he had to say at the 35th Anniversay of Roe v Wade:

"Thirty-five years after the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, it's never been more important to protect a woman's right to choose... Throughout my career, I've been a consistent and strong supporter of reproductive justice, and have consistently had a 100% pro-choice rating with Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America... I believe in and have supported common-sense solutions like increasing access to affordable birth control to help prevent unintended pregnancies... As President, I will improve access to affordable health care and work to ensure that our teens are getting the information and services they need to stay safe and healthy."

Don’t believe he would say that, no problemo, you too can go to the NARAL website and see the perfect score he has received from them, along with other quotes.

Now, not only does is he 100% in the pro-abortion camp, but he is also a huge supporter of the homosexual agenda. This is a quote from an article in the LAWeekly:

Just before Obama vanished into his motorcade that warm evening last summer, he draped his arms around Bernard and Gifford and asked them if he did them right. Bernard looked at him, "Senator, you always do us right. This time, you did us proud."

Gifford, the urban sophisticate, started to choke up. Not only did he realize he was finally doing something that would matter, but he seemed to be getting results. On that August night, he thought, possibly the next president of the United States was standing there for all to see, literally embracing him and his lover.

So, if you consider yourself a Catholic, then think about what your faith means to you and what it means when you go to vote.

Do you walk the walk or just talk the talk?

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