Friday, February 15, 2008

An Open Letter to the Editor of the Catholic Standard

Dear Mr. Zimmerman:

I just received my copy of the Catholic Standard (Feb. 14, 2007) and was very disappointed with your article on Marilyn Praisner (page 18).

No where did you mention her 100% support of abortion, which was very publicly attested to in the 2006 advertisement in the Annapolis Capital paper on the 33rd Anniversary of Roe v Wade. No where did you mention, her being honored by the National Organization for Women (NOW)

In addition, there was no mention of the Montgomery Country Transgender Bill which was passed late last year. Here is a bill that has no exemption for religious institutions, which means that Catholic schools, hospitals, etc., maybe held liable for not hiring someone who is transgender.

It is important that as the editor we should not have been praising someone who is 100% pro-abortion and helped to pass the Transgender Bill. It is insulting to me that the Maryland Catholic Conference praises her, as well as, the pastor of St. John the Baptist.

What type of message does that send to the faithful Roman Catholics of this Archdiocese? As someone who is pro-life and pro-family, it is a slap in my face. It is an insult.

What message does it send to the pro-abortion politicians? It sends is that if you are a politician, and pro-abortion, no problem. We will still support you and honor you.

Mr. Zimmerman, do the right thing and in the next issue of the Standard, state that it was wrong to honor and praise a person such as Praisner. Show that this is a paper that completely upholds pro-life values.

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Dymphna said...

I hope they print it.