Saturday, February 9, 2008

The MCC – Who are they kidding?

The Feb. 7, 2008 print edition of the Catholic Standard contains an article entitled: Maryland’s US Hose candidates answer questions asked by MCC.

In it, the Catholic Standard stated that all of the House candidates were invited to respond to the questionnaire by the Maryland Catholic Conference (MCC). Candidates who did not respond were then mailed a second invitation. Finally, there were phone call and email follow-ups. Some candidates, they reported did not respond.

According to Richard Dowling, the MCC executive director:

…those candidates who chose not to participate, I must say that their choice is puzzling.

Catholics comprise the biggest bloc of religiously-affiliated voters in the state, somewhere in the neighborhood of 22 percent. As we vote – four in every 10 Marylanders who cast ballots in the 2006 elections identified themselves as Roman Catholic. Here was a direct communication link to a great many Catholic voters.

Who is Dick Dowling trying to fool? Even if the numbers are correct, politicians know that

1. Catholics do not vote their faith. I look around my parish and see Obama and Clinton stickers on a number of cars.

2. Many Catholics are willing to join politicians on the “social justice” issues such as spending more money on health care, etc. However, when these same Catholics come to them about abortion or being pro-family, vouchers, etc., the politicians ignore them. Why? Very simple. They know that they will get their votes no matter how they (the politicians) vote on the issues.

3. Our Archbishop, the MCC and many of the others we look up to, do not seem to have the moral backbone to stand up to these politicians. Where is the Archbishop on the Montgomery Transgender Bill? All I have heard is silence.

It is time for Dick Dowling, Julie Varner and the rest of the crew at the MCC to be fired.


Remember: Help stop the Montgomery Country Transgender Bill. Sign the petition (if you are a registered voter in MoCo.) Click here.

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