Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What is Msgr. Kazista thinking?

The Catholic Standard (Archdiocese of Washington DC) article praising Montgomery County Councilmember Marilyn Praisner is just replete with quotes made by members of the Catholic Church. Each time I read it, I find something new to write about. I am so glad I did not drop my subscription, this is the article that keeps on giving.

Msgr. Kazista (Pastor of St. John the Baptist Church Silver Spring MD) states that Praisner:

“put into practice …the Christian virtues of social justice, concern for children, their social welfare, their health. In her work, she showed concern for God’s creation and the environment."

First, note that Msgr. did not use the word “Catholic.” I find that in and of it self, interesting. In fact, he only uses the term Christian throughout the article.

Second, if she was so concerned for children, then why was she pro-abortion? Killing the unborn is not what I call being concerned for God’s creation.

Yet, Msgr. KaZista (and I do not know him, never met him) seems either to be ignorant of this or just ignores it.

Third, if she was so concerned for the children, then why did she vote for the Transgender Bill, which will allow men who are dressed as women into locker rooms? It has been reported that there have already been at least three incidents in the county.

Fourth, if she was so concerned about Christian virtues, then why did she not put an exemption for religious institutions into the Transgender Bill. There are none. We may be faced with a situation where a Catholic school will be sued for not hiring someone who is transgender.

Yet again, either Msgr. Kazista is either (1) ignorant of the Transgender Law (2) decided to ignore it and/or (3) is a silent supporter of it.

This leads me to once again point out that those who have been tasked to lead the faithful, are not only leading the faithful astray but making a mockery of those who attempt to live by their faith.

So, let me go back to my original question: What is Msgr. Kazista thinking? I think that the answer is that he is not.

All I can say is that Msgr. Kazista should be ashamed of himself.


Zoe Brain said...

It has been reported that there have already been three incidents throughout the country...

Wow! That's news to me! Could you tell me who did the reporting, and give me some references?

I knew about the hoax in Montgomery county, where a man allegedly connected with a protest group dressed in drag and makeup and went into a private women's room as a publicity stunt to show "what could happen".

But that's it. Apart from that, in the 13 states and hundreds of cities and counties that have implemented similar ordnances, I've been unable to find a single incident reported by any news organisation or even protest group.

Please enlighten me, as otherwise I fear you have been misinformed.

I'm sure you didn't just make it up. That would not just be lying, but "bearing false witness", something you'd never do. I just want to know how the very extensive newsweb-crawlers and professional clippings agencies I have access to could have missed it.


The reference was in teh MoCo Gazette. Sorry, I did not keep the specific page and article for reference.