Monday, December 14, 2020

The Deacon Project - Deacon Mark Asselin (Part 14)


As mentioned earlier, Deacon Mark Asselin seems to have a huge amount of time on his hands.  He tweets anywhere from a few posts per day to almost a dozen.  And most of his posts are political in nature, but I guess with +Gregory at the helm, that is okay.

So, here are the next round of tweets. 


In our first tweet, we see some very marked criticism by Deacon Mark of the President.  It is always interesting to see him ignore anything that the left does.

In the tweet below, we see criticism of another ordained clergy.  If he was supporting a conservative, he probably would have been shut down by now.  

Again, here we have criticism by an ordained clergyman of the USCCB.  I thought that this was a no-no.

For those of you who remember, these four people not only berated the Republicans in Michigan, but also incited violence against them.  I guess he is okay with that. 

Calling someone racist is usually the last gasp of someone who has no other argument.  

Not certain why he retweeted Rachael Maddow.  Guess he is supportive of her in her same sex relationship.  BTW, this seems to be a recurring theme in his tweets -- support of same-sex marriage and lifestyle.  


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