Saturday, December 26, 2020

The Deacon Project - Deacon Mark Asselin (Part 20)

 Deacon Mark just keeps on giving and giving.  Heck, I may even dedicate this blog to his being both of the Deep State and the Deep Church.

So, let's take a look at some of his latest posts.


Deacon Mark, like most on the left, would prefer to give US citizens a paltry $600, while illegal aliens get $1800 and $3 million for Gender Studies in Pakistan, among other wasteful spending, instead



Again, we see another criticism of an ordained clergy.  If you were in Richmond, VA, you would have been chastised by your bishop.  However, it seems that under +Gregory this is okay, as long as the bishop is a conservative. 

One of the things about Deacon Mark, is he loves to accuse the right of being Nazi's.  Here we have a tweet about architecture and attempting to make the really ignorant connection between Pres. Trumps order on architecture and Nazism.   Really silly and stupid. 

Kinda interesting that he is blaming the President, when he works for the US agency that deals with cybersecurity.  You think that he would take some responsibility.

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