Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Deacon Project - Deacon Mark Asselin (Part Ten)

As mentioned earlier, this post and the next few, will highlight the thoughts of Deacon Mark Asselin on TWITTER.  Of course, there will be many in Archdiocese of Washington who will love him for it. 

Two things to note:

  • These tweets are not necessarily in date order.
  • If his tweet is unavailable, it is because he deleted it.


 In the first image, his original tweet stated that there was no such thing as election fraud. You can see my reply to him of just one example.

In the second image, his original tweet accused Rush Limbaugh about calling Kamala a "ho."  He wanted everyone to condemn Rush for it.   However, Rush talked about the story on his show of an NBA photographer who did call her a "ho."  All he did was to report on the story and what was said.  A big difference.

In the third image, he makes fun of the St. Louis couple who decided to defend themselves w/ weapons outside of their house.  Again, he did not accurately report on the story.


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