Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The Deacon Project - Deacon Mark Asselin (Part 16)

 I must say, Deacon Mark Asselin has a HUGE amount of time on his hands, based on the Tweeting he does.  Maybe if he spent more time on work, and not tweeting, the US Treasury and other government agencies would not have been hacked.

So, let's take a look at some of the latest Tweets by him.  And, I am not certain if the good folks down at Hyattsville know about his tweets or not.  Maybe they don't care.  But you would think that the ones criticizing an ordained Catholic would be a no-no, but I guess not.

So in his first tweet, we see him not only attacking a bishop, but we also see him using an "Catholic" media outlet, which was twice asked to remove the word "Catholic" from their masthead. 

We have two tweets from him.  (1) Not certain why he retweeted this, other than the Twitter world was jumping all over Rush for saying the believed that we were trending towards secession.   (2) If he really thinks we are getting an intelligent leader in January, he is dumber than he looks. 

In our final tweet, we have again more snarky remarks by him.  He really is a mean and spiteful person, that Deacon Mark.   Besides, who really reads TIME magazine these days.


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