Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Deacon Project - Deacon Mark Asselin (Part 15)

We continue with the tweets of Deacon Asselin.  

Either the folks in Hyattsville do not care or they don't know.   Not certain of which.

However, he is the gift that keeps on tweeting, and so we will continue to highlight them.

So in the first tweet, we continue to see Deacon Mark attack the Republican party and accuse them of attempting to delegitimize the election. 


Again, we see Deacon Mark again quoting the NYTimes, like it was the Gospel.

Again, here we go accusing one political party of being despots, but he seems to ignore the Dem Party right under his nose.  

I guess he likes to take snipes at a fellow-ordained clergy, who has been accused.  Having known priests who have been accused, this is a horrible thing to make fun of.  

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