Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Breaking News: Msgr. Rossi to be Investigated?!

According to George Neumayr, via his twitter account, the Diocese of Scranton has issued a statement saying that they and the Archdiocese of Washington will investigate Msgr. Rossi.  It seems that they investigated him a year ago -- no indication of what it was for -- and found nothing.

Now that there are "new allegations," they have decided to investigate.

So, here are my thoughts...

  1. Shouldn't he be removed from ministry temporarily, as others have been?
  2. There is no indication of what the new allegations are?   Are they due to abuse?  Misappropriation of funds?  Violating his vow of celibacy?   Hiring a criminal on his security team?  Lying to George Neumayr re banned from the Shrine?  All of these?  None of these?  We don't know. 
  3. Notice the term "forensic investigation."  If I recall, that is he same term used by Archbishop Gregory during his Theology on Tap talk, in relation to Msgr. Rossi. 
  4. Do you think that this is being done, as Bishop Bambera (aka Bambi) is rumored to be in line as the new Archbishop of Philly, and wants to make a showing that he is on top of things?   Could be be throwing Msgr. Rossi under the bus, to protect himself?

Personally, I have no faith that they will do the right thing.  At most, Msgr. Rossi will be reassigned back to Scranton with a slap on the wrist OR will be allowed to retire to his condo on Florida.



William Callaghan said...

Diabolical witchunt

John F. Kennedy said...

"Violating his vow of celibacy?"

I don't think he got married. Do you mean chaste? The Church expects ALL celibates (unmarried) to be chaste.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a farce to try to appease the faithful. Archbishop Gregory is stating that it's Scranton's job when evidently the Archbishop of Washington does have jurisdiction over the Shrine. In the comments section for LifeSite News article about this, someone stated there has been no announcement of such an investigation in official diocesan releases.



To William Callaghan:

Can you please elaborate on why this is a witch hung?



To Learning:

+Gregory has quite a bit of jurisdiction over this. He can remove his faculties to operate in this Diocese. Without that, he can no longer act as a priest here.

Yes, there has been no official announcement on the website that such an investigation is taking place. This may be a move not to bring attention to it in the secular media and depending upon who they sent it to, they may be looking to help smoke out any leakers.

Finally, notice how Rossi is not on Admin. Leave, like other priests in his situation.