Sunday, August 11, 2019

Wanda, Randy Andy and the Archbishop

Well, once again, George Neumayr continues to add a little more to the story of Msgr. Rossi (aka Wanda), Fr. Hvozdovic (aka Randy Andy), and Archbishop Wilton Gregory (aka The Enabler and The Cover Up Artist -- my names, not his).

One of the things that Mr. Neumayr talks about is that Archbishop Gregory will do nothing about Msgr. Rossi, if he can get away with it.  It is sad that I was so right about the Archbishop.

Maybe you should ask your pastor about Msgr. Rossi.  I bet he will claim he knows nothing about him or claim that he really is not part of this Archdiocese, therefore, nothing can be done about him.

You can read all about at the American Spectator.

Remember, the only way to get the message to the folks in Hyattsville, is to withhold funds from them.

BTW, my sources tell me that folks in Hyattsville are in a bit of a panic, due to the HUGE drop in funds for the Appeal.  They are not certain how they will pay for everything at this time.  

Hey, maybe if you clean things up, you may see the amount of funds increase.  Ever thought of that?  Nah, that is too easy.


Please remember to sign the petition to ask CUA President Garvey to investigate Msgr. Rossi.

Remember to help out George Neumayr on his journalism fund.  


Anonymous said...

The problem with Neumyr's articles is that it's a lot of hearsay. Unlike Mccarrick, where long before things hit the MSM, we had Father Hayley's testimony. We also had McCarrick not reading Cardinal Ratzinger's letter about nonnegotiable teaching.

I know people that know Rossi. Nobody ever said that he was abusive. We have no one on record talking about Rossi behaving improperly. We only have that gross priest telling that college kid stories. We don't know if those are true though; he may have been grooming him saying " look even the rector is doing it".


Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I'm curious. How much do you think Michael Sean Winters of the National Catholic Reporter might know about these various shenanigans in the D.C. archdiocese?