Thursday, August 22, 2019

Why hasn't Msgr. Rossi been removed?

So, we have an investigation of Msgr. Rossi.  

Okay, but have you noticed, he has not been removed from his position.

Every priest that I know, and I have known about a half-dozen, who have been publicly accused of anything (child abuse, financial issues, etc.) have been asked to (1) remove themselves from their residence within 24 to 48 hours; and, (2) cannot exercise their ministry publicly. 


They do not consider an active homosexual lifestyle (a breaking of their vow of celibacy) to be sinful.  Look who is leading Scranton and Washington.  Need I say more. 

My gut feeling tells me the following:  They will "investigate" and find that there is nothing there.  Therefore, why remove him from his job, when the long term plan is to keep him in power.

What a SHAM this is!  

Shame on  Bambi and The African Queen.  

Shame on them.

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