Thursday, August 8, 2019

Holy Rosary Church (Interior Photos)

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend Mass at Holy Rosary Church (Downtown DC --  D St. and 3rd NW).    

There is a great deal of work happening on the outside.  It is amazing, as I was told that the church was to be torn down in the late 1960's due to the building of I-395 exit.  It seems that some of the more prominent members of the parish lobbied hard and got the builders to move the exit, so that the church would not be demolished.   

Now, over 50 years later, they are covering up I-395 and building a street above it.  Just like it was over 50 years ago.  I wrote about this a few years ago, as there was a small article in the business section of the Washington Compost. 

I was able to take a couple of photos on the inside.  I could not get many, as there were many people around before and after Mass, and I did not want them in the photos.  Hopefully, I can get down there soon.

It is a beautiful church.  If you ever get the chance, go down an visit and attend Mass!

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