Sunday, August 18, 2019

My Worry: The Investigation of Rossi will be a Sham

After learning that there was an investigation of Msgr. Rossi, a few years ago, and that they found no evidence of "certain accusations," my worry is that the current investigation of him will be a sham. 


  • What were the previous allegations that there was evidence of? Did we even know of such an investigation?
  • We do not know what they are currently investigating?   Is it financial, sexual, or something else, or a combination of charges?
  • If there is a formal investigation, then why have they not put him on a leave of absence?   
  • Who is conducting the investigation?
  • We know that Bambera and Gregory have a history of ignoring these sorts of problems.
  • Why is Rossi still on the CUA board?

What can you do?

  1. Write to the Archdiocese of Washington to complain and let them know that no further $$ will go to them.  Then do it!
  2. Write to the Shrine to complain and let them know that no further $$ will go to them.  Then do it!
  3. If you are student or alumni, then you need to reach out to CUA to let them know of your displeasure.
  4. If you have given to the CUA collection in the past, STOP!

Donations to the Archdiocese Annual Appeal are already down almost 40%. Can you imagine what would happen if additional $$ were held back in the weekly collection.   

My sources tell me that the Archdiocese is in a panic because they cannot figure out how to support all of the seminarians.  So, instead of attempting to come clean about the issues, what do they do?   They stick with the message: We need to support the seminarians!  

Take a look at what George Neumayr says today about the investigation.

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