Friday, March 9, 2012

Barbara Johnson Used Her Mother's Funeral to Promote her Gay Agenda

If you listened to Barbara Johnson's story, it was one of true victimhood.

But, as you learn more about her and the truth comes out, you realize (and many of us did early on), that she was not telling the full truth.

She has been an open lesbian for over 25 years.

She is a Buddhist and not a lifelong Catholic.

She confronted Fr. Marcel before Mass.

She received communion from the layperson, who had no idea what had taken place and the background.

And on and on...

Let's admit it. She used her mother's funeral to promote her radical pro-abortion and pro-homosexual beliefs.

She knew what she was doing, baited Fr. Marcel and the Archdiocese of Washington fell into the trap.

Barbara Johnson, I don't know how much lower you can go. You are the lowest of the low.

This is my opinion and I am sticking to it. More at Tom Peter's blog.


Anonymous said...

Do you think Knestout and Wuerl will issue an apology to Fr. Marcel? I for one would not bet on it.

Anonymous said...

I think that many people see Buddhism as a philosphy or a discipline, not their religion. Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas merton, two priests, were both deeply immersed in eastern religions. I know that there is argument today about whether Catholics should be into yoga or not. I think that yoga too is a discipline for the many Catholic practitioners. Of course, Cardinal Wuerl was on a bishops committee that came out against Reiki. most people doing reiki are practicing it for pain relief or relaxation. So, I do not think much of this Biddhist issue.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Anon of 10:34 yesterday, only Catholics can receive Holy Communion. The two priests that you mentioned really were messed up, perhaps in part by their idolatries. One other little tidbit that the mainstream press is overlooking is that Johnson taught in a Catholic school for many years. How could she not know that she was disqualified from receiving Holy Communion on several levels?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you 110%! I only wish this could be on every news outlet! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thomas, very little of what you claim as new is even in dispute. Barbara Johnson has said in interviews that she received Communion from the Eucharistic assistant (don't know the term) that day. Not in dispute that she has been living openly as a lesbian for decades. As to whether she's Buddhist, The National Catholic Reporter ran a story covering the installation of a Trappist monk as a Zen sensei. One can follow both Catholicism and Buddhism. According to the NCR story, other members of the monk's Zen community include two Catholic nuns and a Jesuit priest.

Johnson is still Catholic, having been baptized and raised in the Catholic religion, and was never excommunicated. Her state of grace is between her and her Maker. To which I would add, especially on an issue of sexuality, especially in a church where only half of all priests practice celibacy and where between a quarter and a half of priests younger than 44 are gay. Really, the only dispute (besides motivation) is the nature of the exchange between Johnson and Guarnizo immediately before the funeral. No account of that exchange has been reliably sourced, except her own. She was there. Anyone who means to dispute her account should step up and say how they know. If they were there and heard it all, that would have credibility. If they heard about it from someone else, that would be hearsay. If they heard something third- or fourth-hand, that would be inherently unreliable.

According to the diocese, a single conversation doesn't constitute grounds for a priest to deny Communion. And seriously, unless Marcel Guarnizo is a peeping Tom, he has no clue about Barbara Johnson's personal life with her partner. Sometimes the physical aspects fade away over time, as in some heterosexual relationships. Their business, not mine. Not Marcel Guarnizo's.

Kurt said...

Cardinal Wuerl has suspended this priest.

Anonymous said...

If you are a "Catholic" then you cannot be a Buddist, Mason, Reciki etc. Thou shall not worship false gods.

To learn more about true Catholicism go

May God Bless you and keep you,

Santa Maria
New Jersey

Anonymous said...

Santa maria said..

Many heterosexual catholics have been denied communion and some were even denied absolution in confession too.

Ms. Johnson introduced the priest to her live- in female lover. The priest had every right to refuse communion.

Yes, Ms. Johnson who former catholic school teacher and claimed to be long time Catholic probably before switching over to Budhism knew ahead of time that she was going to use her mother's funeral to promote her agenda and gain 15 minutes of fame.

If she was truly grieving for her mother, then she would not be able to give interviews. She even lies to the media and never mentions that she is even budha which also is a reason why should she neve even went up and received holy communion.

Only Catholics in a state of grace should receive communion. It is for many; not all...

Anonymous said...

Instead of closing and merging of Catholic churches and schools, they should be closing and merging these archdioceses and dioceses. Most of these bishops and cardinals like knestout and wuerl should be stripped of their titles and made to be priests working in local parishes. They should be taking vows of poverty too.

Sister Keehan who is head of the Catholic Health association which supports abortion, contraceptives etc. How can a 'catholic" nun who is supposed to take vows of poverty have an income of about million dollars with salary and benefits is a disgrace.

Ms. Johnson make a mockery of her mother's funeral by using it for personal gain and publicity. How much money is she going to cash in from this stunt? Even,being a Budhist, she should have never even attempted to go up for communion.

It makes you wonder what she was teaching at the catholic school. The problem is that so many liberals are catholic school teachers, lecturer, communion servers and they don't even know the catholic faith. Even many priests and nuns don't even know their faith. The bishops and cardinals are lukewarm cowards who covered up sexual abuse and now caving in to liberals and their agenda why persecuting the good and holy ones.
Liberalism is a sin.

Mary Powers, Philadelphia Pa.